Hannah Davis and Husband Derek Jeter Expecting First Child
Congrats are in order for Derek Jeter and his wife Hannah Davis! The beautiful 26 year old bombshell announced her pregnancy in an essay last week for The Players Tribune. “Pregnant with our first child, Derek and I are looking forward to the future.” Hannah revealed. The couple, who married last year in Napa Valley, California, are expecting a baby girl, and Hannah also hinted that she is due in May of 2017. The stunning model also revealed that she posed for her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue photoshoot in Mexico when she was already pregnant (although she did not know at the time), which you can not tell from her teeny bikini she was wearing!

Your daughter's quinceanera is one of the most important days of her life. It's the chance for her to step out into the world as a woman and to be celebrated by her friends and family. Between the cake, music and dancing, your daughter will have the time of her life. However, one of the most important parts of the night is her look. You want to make sure your daughter looks her absolute best. After all, the pictures will capture this moment forever. No woman wants to look back at her quinceanera and cringe at the pictures. In this case, there are a few essentials you'll want to include so that she looks her best.

1. Makeup
Since she's turning 15, you want to make sure her makeup reflects this. It shouldn't make her look like a woman in her twenties. Alternatively, it shouldn't look like she's a Cabbage Patch doll either. A youthful, happy teenager can easily have light makeup that's feminine and beautiful. For a day as special as a girl's quinceanera, hire a makeup artist to do the application. If hiring a makeup artist is out of the question, just simply go online and take a look at different YouTube tutorials. Start practicing the application a few weeks before the big day so that it can turn out perfectly.

2. Dress
In addition to the girl, the dress gets a lot of show-stopping attention at a quinceanera! Peruse the aisles of different stores to find the perfect dress. If you're an online shopper, you might be able to comb through the internet to find quinceanera dresses for sale. Quinceanera dresses are usually really big and filled with lots of cascading fabric. Whatever option your daughter chooses, make sure she has a chance to try it on and do any of the necessary alterations. Make sure the dress isn't too long and encourage your daughter to try the dress on with the heels she'll be wearing the day of the party.

3. Hair
If you already have a trusted hairstylist, show the stylist pictures of the look your daughter is going for on her special day. If you all prefer to DIY the hair styling, make sure that you have the necessary tools and products you'll need that day. You want to make sure your daughter doesn't feel rushed on the big day and that she can take her time enjoying the process of getting beautified.

To get that fresh, bright look in your home that is reminiscent of the blue skies and natural environment of Scandinavia, you should first of all become your own “critical friend” by working out what you think you need to change for the better. Once you have looked around your home in this way, you will usually find one or two things that can be adapted to achieve the desired transformation.

Nothing is worse than coming home after a long day at work to a freezing cold house, except maybe for receiving the bill for heating your home. So how do you ensure maximum warmth and minimum spend?

Getting our makeup to look its best is something that we all want. But unless we are a professional makeup artist, it can be anything but easy. Something that can help though is to take a long hard look at the makeup routine that we have and see where it could be improved or change to make it even better. Basically, you need to break down your makeup routine into its different elements. Then you can discover which one are working, and which ones aren't. Read on to find out more.

Addiction towards anything makes you unreasonable, and you start to behave in an unrealistic way to cause further damage to the already fragile condition. It can be drug or bad food habits which may lead to further deterioration in health or can be in unnecessary expense in fashion and clothing which might compel you to find alternative sources to meet the expenses. This leads to your bad financial health and unmanageable debt condition. Shopping addiction is one such serious addiction which many seems to overlook and ignore just to find them in a big black hole of debt in a very short time.
Fashion Craze May Cause You Debt
People often consider themselves to be lucky if they do not own a credit card as they can keep a control over their expenditure and will not have to worry about any outstanding debts and loans for its use. But on the other hand people who owns credit cards and that too more than two or three in numbers consider themselves to be on the top of the world as they can make any purchase in any country and that too without thinking about the balance they have in the bank account. Mostly the fashion lovers tend to fly across country to country in order to try and purchase the latest trending clothes and other related items. Fashion has always been a great source of attraction for various people and they have a tendency to buy everything that is new and is released in some fashion festival or some fashion icon. Such fashion lovers often follow some fashion icon that they like the most and tend to buy everything that they wear or at least the same kind.