Every Fashionista Needs These Items In Their Bedroom (To Help Them Look Fantastic Every Day!)

Posted On October 25, 2016

If you love fashion like me, you will want your bedroom to be the perfect place to get ready in the morning. After all, not many of us are lucky enough to get a separate dressing room in our home. So our bedroom has to be the place we get ready in the morning. To make your bedroom perfect, here are a few items every fashionista needs in their bedroom to help them look fantastic every day!

Get the Most Out of Your Diamond Jewellery

Posted On October 24, 2016

If you’re a fan of either the U.K. or the U.S. versions of “Antiques Roadshow,” you are likely to have seen one of their popular “Vintage [name-of-city/location]” episodes. These are specially produced shows in which items from about a decade previous are given a re-evaluation of the original-quoted price values. For example, the announcer will introduce the show by saying how the “Roadshow” travelled to [name-of-city] in, say, 2001. The original segment, with the final value appears on screen. There’s a beat and a little sound cue and an arrow going up or down to a new value of higher or lower (if the value remains the same, they merely list that first value. The reason we remind you of this is that jewellery nearly never goes “down” in value – it occasionally stays the same, but more often than not, the value increases exponentially.

3 Tell-Tale Signs That Your Home Isn’t Winter-Ready (And What To Do About It)

Posted On October 21, 2016

It may only be October, but your home should really be winter-ready by now. After all, the weather has already started to get cooler - soon enough it will get colder again and all of a sudden we’ll be in the middle of winter. If you’re unsure whether your home is ready for the onset of the colder weather, keep reading. The three tell-tale signs below should give you a good idea of whether your home is ready for winter.

Simple Advice To Make Your Home Feel Brand New (You Won't Have To Sell Up!)

Posted On October 17, 2016

I don’t know about you, but I have those days where I look around my home and wish I could move. Whether the paint on the walls are looking a bit faded, or it doesn’t feel like there is much space, it can make you think about selling up. However, we don’t always have money in the bank to be able to buy a new property! But you don’t have to move; it’s easy to make your home feel new again. Here is some simple advice to make your house feel like brand new, so you don’t have to sell up!

Don't Get Caught Out By These Home Insurance Problems!

Posted On October 7, 2016

Many of us have home insurance. But how many of us fully understand the policies we’ve been given? I’m willing to bet that an alarming number of homeowners have a few misconceptions about their home insurance.

This is because of common misunderstandings about what home insurance usually offers. In most cases, these companies are only going to help you out if something sudden and disastrous happens. Something that, reasonably, you can’t have been seen to have had any control over. In such a case, you’ll generally get the payout you need.