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Planning a wedding can be one of the most exciting, happy, and stressful times of the bride's life. It is a time filled with high emotions, loss of sanity, and gleeful delight as she plans the most important party of her life. Part of the planning involves choosing bridesmaids, and then of course, the bridesmaid dresses. Just like wedding gowns, the bridesmaid dresses can range in price from a few hundred dollars to the thousands. If you are a bride on a budget, your bridesmaids may be as well, which is why it is important to find cheap bridesmaid dresses.

Once you have decided on your color palette for the wedding, you should have a good idea of what color your bridesmaids will be wearing. At that point, it is time to choose the bridesmaid dresses. Some women, when they think of a bridesmaid dress simply cringe, however with today's new styles with charming ruffle trims, floral embellishments, flattering necklines, varied hemlines, and scope of fabric, there is no need to worry.

With all sorts of fashionable upgrades for bridesmaid dresses, you may be worried about an upgrade in price as well. Many fashion designers release bridesmaid lines that are completely affordable for any bridesmaid, no matter what her financial status is. Some of the higher level and couture designers, such also offer a ready-to-wear line, so that finding a cheap bridesmaid dresses (click here: is even easier than expected. Many brides and their maids worry when looking for cheap bridesmaid dresses that inexpensive means poor quality, which is hardly the case. With so much competition out there, many design houses now are offering high quality and fashionable bridesmaid dresses at competitive prices.

How to Style with Upscale Party Wear

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As the saying goes, “When it rains, it pours” – and in April, it not only pours, but the temperature has a habit of flipping back and forth between crisp and cool, and hot and balmy on a daily basis. This is the season for celebratory affairs: bridal and baby showers, music and cultural festivals, garden parties and work outings fill the calendar days, and each requires a precise form of dress. Ladies are often left in the lurch with difficult decisions on what attire is most appropriate for both appearance and weather, while compensating with layers for both cloudy days and sunshine. If you’re left debating between party outfits, here are a few tips on how to choose the ensemble to make you look and feel your best.

Top to Bottom – When in doubt, high-waisted skirts and shorts and long shirttails are an elegant way to make for a cute yet conservative ensemble. When selecting a top, choose something with short sleeves on nice days, and three-quarter sleeves on cooler outings. Avoid super clingy materials or sheer pieces – there are better ways to grab attention! For example, a crop top is a trendy alternative for casual affairs, when in the company of friends (and maybe even family, too, although certainly not someone else’s). Opt for one that exposes only your midriff, and does so in a way that is classy and chic, like many of these pieces from GoJane. In a more traditional crowd, instead select a blouse with a unique cut, embellishment, or one that has an interesting back that is attractive without revealing too much skin.

My Favorite Hugo Boss Suits From Harrods

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It is indeed really lovely to see girls wearing beautiful clothes but I guess it will be more fun and interesting at the same time if we will be seeing them being accompanied by a guy who is just as stylish as they are. I personally love seeing guys that wears suits, most especially those with classic but still very modern looking details and style because it gives them this very "professional chic" feel.

Speaking of suits, I know how hard it is to find the perfect one especially that there are so many options available in the market these days that's why in this post I am going to share three of my favorite suits from the Hugo Boss suits collection at Harrods, the iconic store in London.

BOSS Black Man Slim Wool suit - Ensure you mean business in the boardroom by investing in this elegant wool suit from BOSS Black Man. Cut from luxurious wool, this contemporary slim style offers a comfortable, tailored fit. Pair with a crisp white shirt for the smartest finish.

BOSS Black Man The James 4 Wool Suit - The regular fit James 4 by Hugo Boss is the label’s dapper three-piece suit crafted from virgin wool. Sleek and sophisticated, it is cut and tailored into a classic silhouette, with a felt under collar and notch lapels. The waistcoat adds a traditional finish to this handsome design. Style with a pressed shirt, leather belt and polished shoes for a polished look for the boardroom.

BOSS Black Man Hutson 1 Silk Wool Suit - The Hutson 1 suit by Hugo Boss is crafted from a new wool and silk blend in a finely woven pattern. The dark blue shade is a dapper choice, while the slim fit is incredibly flattering for a trim and streamlined silhouette. Style with a crisp shirt, leather belt and polished boots flattering choice

If you guys are looking for a new suit that can make you look like a million dollar businessman / professional, I suggest that you consider getting any (or maybe all!) of these Hugo Boss suits!

Do Organic Make Up Products Make a Real Difference?

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Many of today’s consumers are turning to natural and organic products because they are healthier alternatives to their chemical counterparts. While the Food and Drug Administration places tough restrictions on household cleaning products and food, your make-up and skin care options may be lacking in restrictions. This could leave you vulnerable to harmful toxins and additives. Such products like Image Skincare that focus on the purity of ingredients truly help eliminate any chemical threats to your skin.

Protect Your Nose
Make-up manufacturers use artificial perfumes to cover-up the chemicals used in your standard skin care products. Unfortunately, covering up one chemical with another can damage your senses. It can also lead to headaches and nausea. Organic health and beauty products are made using natural ingredients. Items that are scented will be naturally perfumed with essential oils that are often used in aromatherapy sessions.

Be Kind to the Environment
Health and beauty products manufactured with conventional methods can have a negative impact on Mother Earth. In addition to contaminating the water and air, the harmful chemicals used in your basic products can pollute your home when they enter your drain. Make-up products that are made using organic products place fewer toxins in the environment.

Skin Contact
The largest organ of the human body is the epidermis. It’s also the freeway to the body’s blood stream. When you apply make-up and other beauty products on your skin, the chemicals travel quickly through your blood stream. This can be especially dangerous because the average consumer applies make-up or some other skin care system to the human body almost every day. This can significantly increase a person’s risk of cancer. However, most people can eliminate these toxins by selecting products that are safe and organic. In addition to protecting your body from the harsh effects of the toxins, your body can reap the many benefits of the natural ingredients.

Avoidable Irritants
Artificial colors, harmful chemicals and fillers found in most health and beauty products can cause painful redness, breakouts and skin irritations. They can also cause allergic reactions such as swollen lips, red bumps and peeling skin. Products that are made out of organic and natural materials positively work in tandem with the skin to promote a healthy appearance.

Healthy Looking Skin
Eating a healthy diet, drinking water and using organic cosmetics can allow the skin to retain its luster and vibrant appearance. However, choosing to use a product with harmful chemicals can undo your good efforts and increase your chances of skin damage with every use.

Miley Cyrus' Seventeen Magazine Cover

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What do you guys think of Miley Cyrus' Seventeen Magazine cover?