How Will My Skin Change During In Vitro Fertilization?

Posted On April 22, 2016

Any woman’s worry when it comes to beauty is having a perfect skin. A flawless, smooth skin shows a healthy lifestyle and great personal hygiene. Even more, it is the recipe for natural beauty without makeup which is the perfect way to delay the ugly effects of aging.

However, a woman goes through a lot of changes in life that will test the skin’s integrity, and one of the most important tests is pregnancy. The 9 months leading to delivering your baby will employ a series of hormonal changes in your body that will implicitly affect the skin. Also, if you decide to use in vitro fertilization, the changes will be more pronounced. Still, in a world where the fertility rate is dropping at an alarming rate and couples decide to have children later in life, the IVF treatment is a viable option.

How to Give Your Daughter’s Bedroom a Girly Makeover

Posted On March 22, 2016

Girls of all ages love to have a pretty bedroom. It is a chance to show off to their friends, many of whom will be invited over for a sleepover. A bedroom is also their “own space”, a place where they can chill out and enjoy some time away from the rest of the family.

In days gone by, you were lucky if your parents let you stick posters up on the wall, let alone be set free with a tin of paint. These days, kids have far higher expectations of what a bedroom should look like, so plain white walls and a nylon carpet just won’t do. Instead, they expect something special (usually at your expense), so if you are planning to give your daughter’s bedroom a girly makeover, here are a few simple ideas to get you started.

Your Guide to Taking the Kids to Manchester

Posted On March 16, 2016

If you’re planning a fun family trip, Manchester is one of the best choices. Although it’s not ideal if you’re looking for a sun break as it’s notorious for rain and bad weather, it’s packed full of fantastic indoor activities and places to visit that are perfect for the whole family. Whether it’s your first visit to Manchester or you’re returning with your family in tow, knowing the best places to visit can help ensure that you don’t miss out on everything that this awesome city has to offer.

Intu Trafford Centre
A trip to Manchester would not be complete without a visit to the famous Intu Trafford Centre. Full of well-known high street shop such as Selfridges, John Lewis and Marks and Spencer, the Intu Trafford Centre also has plenty of fun options for the kids. Whilst you shop until you drop you can leave your little ones in a crèche with fully trained staff and lots of fun and games, located in the Orient food court. There’s also a Laser Tag, Crazy Golf and Odeon cinema along with the Namco Arcade where you can find plenty of options for great family fun. If you’re dining as a family, there are lots of kid-friendly restaurants available to choose from. Close by, you can find LEGOLAND and SeaLife.

Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) is one of the most awesome places in Manchester to visit as a family. At this world-renowned museum, you’ll be able to see exhibits on everything from aircraft to steam trains to nuclear power. At the Museum of Science and industry you and your family will take away valuable information and knowledge about the city’s achievements both historical and current in the fields of science, industry and technology.

Chill Factore
Fancy a skiing trip but don’t fancy flying to the Alps? Look no further than the Chill Facotre which is located in Urmston, Manchester. This indoor ski slope is the perfect skiing simulation and is just like the real thing. Whether you’re planning a skiing holiday with your family or just want to give it a try, Chill Factore has everything that you need from beginner skiing lessons to kids’ parties.

Heaton Park
If you’re planning to visit Manchester when the weather is warm enough to go outside – usually around May-July, if it’s not raining – Heaton Park is a must-visit. Located in Prestwich, this vast park boasts rolling fields which are perfect for family picnics, walks and football. Home to music festival Parklife, Heaton Park is perfect for kids with a variety of children’s play areas, frequent ice cream vans and a fun train during the summer to take families on a round trip of the park. During the summer months there are also a range of great fun fairs and rides available for all the family.

There are a huge number of days out ideas in Manchester – be sure to check them all out before booking tickets.

When it comes to travelling you can get into Manchester by air, rail, or road. If you’re planning on driving into Manchester then it’s a good idea to plan your parking in this busy city in advance. Click here for more information on reserving a parking space.

How To Create An Effectual Skin Care Regime

Posted On February 29, 2016

One of the great things about shopping for cosmetics is that you have aisle full of brands, different shapes, sizes, colors, properties, and what not. One of the awful things about shopping for cosmetics is that you have an aisle or two full of branded items, most of them popular boasting about the way they'll make you look. It's easy to get confused, lost and brilliant levels of marketing clouds your judgment.

Our concern for skin care makes us buy a number of creams, lotions and moisturizers. Though most of us don't even know the difference between these or the impact it makes on the skin. Creams lock the moisture on the skin thus giving it a smooth look. This is why it is usually advised to apply cream after bathing, as the moisture retention is better on damp skin. Creams of all kind are basically a mixture of oil and water. Different ratio of oil and water is what makes these products so different (aside from fragrance, supplements and preservatives).

Science Beauty Myths

Posted On January 7, 2016

We are living in the age of gross misinformation about beauty products and the development of “panic science” by consumers and special interest groups who just don’t trust big business. Here are some of the subjects of misinformation that are now taken pretty much as fact.