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Ever since I was younger I've already been so obsessed with all things related to weddings! What I mostly love about it are the intricate details and preparations that happened before the grand production. From the preparation of the location, the table settings and of course, the beautiful bride. We all know that In a wedding the focus is always on the bride to be that's why it is very important that she look very stunning.

Creative Wallpaper Décor Ideas

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Wallpaper can help transform any room from drab – to fab. With its stunning colors, patterns, textures and wide variety of options, wallpaper can be a great way to bring life to an otherwise dull room. From modern geometric patterns encompassing an entire wall, to sleek and soft floral sections, wallpaper can be an inspirational part of any interior design. That being said, it’s time to get inspired by beautiful& unique wallpaper décor ideas!

Cover only one wall - While most people and even designers have a habit of using the same wallpaper on every wall of a room, a stunning option can be to use it on only one wall, usually that which is directly opposite the entrance to the room. By doing so, the focal point of every room becomes the beautiful backdrop of this one wall, while those to its side compliment it by painting them an appropriate tone.

Use focal design elements in wallpapers - We love the look of this beautiful “Cuvvee Prestige” wallpaper from True to its original design, the designer has used the unique floral pattern perfectly, placing it on a precise spot where it harmoniously coordinates with the window, natural lighting, spacing and the seating. Not all wallpapers will have a unique single graphic placed upon its otherwise repetitious pattern, but those which do must be used very thoughtfully. This gorgeous example shows just how valuable the design element can be to a room.

Coupon Rani - Your One-stop Destination for Best Coupons & Deals

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Calling all the coupon and deal lovers out there! I have a very exciting news for you. I recently discovered this website called which is basically a site that caters for people like me / us who loves online shopping but at the same time hates breaking the bank. Copon Rani is currently one of the leading and fast growing site for coupons, offers and deals in India that is founded by a group of technologists and digital marketers, who love deal hunting and finding best deals with or without coupons. Some of their clients includes Dominos Coupons and Flipkart Coupons which are both equally amazing! I am so sure you guys are definitely going to love them!

Cheap Vintage Quinceanera Dresses

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Hello guys! In one of my past post I showed you some of my favorite pretty quinceanera dresses and a lot actually sent me a message saying how much they loved the post and because of that I thought it would be nice top create sort of like a "part two" of that blog post so today, in this post let me share to yo some of the really gorgeous Vintage Quinceanera Dresses that I found on TBDRESS.COM.

Cute Handcrafted Notebooks That Look Like Fruits, Veggies And Pizza

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Özge Çalışkan, the Turkish artist behind a cheerful shop called Palas Pandiras, creates adorable and bright-looking notebooks hand-crafted and hand-painted to look like pieces of fruit, veggies, and pizza. They look so realistic that one might even be fooled into thinking that they are real pieces of colorful, juicy and vitamin-licious fruit. you can purchase his works here