Should You Use Traditional Wood Burners To Heat Your Home?

Wood burning fires are a great rustic addition to add to your home. If you are trying to create an authentic farmhouse feel in your home, you might even consider using wood burners to heat your home. You probably have an image of a cozy wood fire in the winter, but is it really all it’s cracked up to be? While there are some great things about using wood burners in your home, there are also a lot of negative things you should be aware of. Before you make any decisions, read this list of the pros and cons of using traditional wood burners to heat your home.


Cheaper than other fuel sources
If you use a fuel system that burns oil or natural gas, it can quickly become very expensive. But wood is a much cheaper fuel source and it’s readily available, so you will save a lot of money. You can source wood that is grown nearby, so your money is going back into the local economy too.

Great aesthetics
Many people choose wood burners because they look amazing. If you are trying to create a rustic aesthetic in your home, they add a great authentic touch and really elevate the space.

Better for the environment It’s no secret that burning gas, oil and coal is bad for the environment. If you run your home heating system on fossil fuels, you are putting out a lot of pollutants. Wood isn’t the most eco-friendly fuel source there is, but it releases far less pollutants than other options, so it’s a good eco-friendly home upgrade to make.


You need a constant supply of wood
Heating your home takes a lot of energy, which means you need a constant supply of wood. Make sure you consider the actual work involved in getting this wood because you may find yourself spending hours each day cutting wood. However, you can get around this if you have a machine to do the heavy lifting for you. This article will tell you how to build a log splitter, so you don’t have to do it all by hand. But still, you need to invest time in sourcing and preparing wood, which isn’t an option for many people.

You need more space
Finding and preparing the wood is one thing but you also need to work out where you’re going to put it all. Unless you have a large outdoor space, you may struggle to store all of the wood you need.

It can be more dangerous
A modern heating system is a lot safer than a wood burner. When you have large wood fires burning constantly, there is a much higher risk of a fire breaking out in the home. The units will all be sealed to prevent this, but if the seals are damaged, it can be incredibly dangerous. Naturally, you will take measures to protect your home, but you should still be aware of the danger.

Wood burners look amazing and they work perfectly in a rustic home. However, before you decide to get one installed, you should weigh up the pros and cons.