Gifts to Thank Your Child’s Teacher

Teaching can be a difficult and thankless job with complaints and problems coming from students, parents and administrators at times. If you’re grateful for the instructions and patience that your child’s teacher has shown him, express your appreciation with a small gift. The act will illustrate your thoughtfulness and make the educator’s day a bit brighter.

Scrumptious Snacks

Treat your child’s teacher with food gift baskets featuring sweet treats that she can enjoy at home with her family or even share with her students. Consider a healthy assortment of items such as fresh fruit, cheese, nuts, protein bars and herbal teas. Conversely, you can also go the decadent route with a selection of cookies, chocolates, popcorn, summer sausage, crackers and cheeses, for instance.

Thermal Mug

If your child’s teacher always has a cup of coffee in hand at the morning drop off, consider giving her a reusable cup in school colors or that features a teacher-related design. Consider travel mugs can keep her beverage hot through the morning or late at night as she’s grading papers. If it’s summer, give her a large, stainless steel water bottle that can keep her drinks icy cold all day.

Gift Cards

Teachers are often put upon to purchase classroom supplies with their own money. Offer assistance with a gift card to a local office supply or educational store where she can purchase paper goods, items for art class or materials to create project boards and decorations for the room. You can also give her a certificate to a general merchandise big-box store that she can use to buy a treat for herself if she prefers.

Because students might not express their appreciation enough, gestures from their parents can say thank you on their behalf. A practical gift can go a long way toward helping an exhausted teacher feel respected and beloved.