3 Reasons to Begin Laser Hair Removal in the Fall

If you have decided you are done shaving, plucking and waxing, there is an alternative hair removal solution. The uses for lasers have expanded. Once the expanded use was approved by the necessary government agencies, those producing the technology began to tinker with the settings in order to provide better equipment, and therefore, better results.

To begin the procedure of having your body hair removed with lasers, you will first meet with a professional. There are certain hair types that respond to the treatment better than others. The technicians take into consideration how much hair you have and the areas to be treated. When everyone is on the same page, and you are deemed a qualified candidate, the first appointment is set.

Here are three reasons why it is best to begin a laser hair removal procedure in the fall.

Limited Exposure to the Sun

When you undergo any procedure involving lasers, you are going to be instructed to limit your exposure to the sun. If the area treated is one that does not receive a lot of sun exposure, you can begin the process at any time of the year. The armpits, for example, are generally covered, so there is less risk. If have the legs, arms or parts of your face treated, however, it is best to begin the procedure in the fall.

Limit the Sensitivity

The areas that undergo laser treatment for hair removal are going to become sensitive after the procedure and continue to be so for a few days. Exposing the areas to the sun will make it more sensitive. In the worst case scenario, it could lead to skin damage. To prevent accidentally sitting in the sun too long, it is best to begin these sessions in the fall.

Faded Sun Tans

Tanning causes your hair to bleach, and bleached hair is not detected as easily by the lasers. It is best to wait until the fall when the tan has mostly faded.

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