Improve Your Home With These Eco-Friendly Features

Everyone is now aspiring to turn their lives around so that they are making more environmentally friendly choices on a day to day basis to try to help save the planet and environment. Part of leading a greener life is ensuring that the homes in which we live can run sustainably and not cause too big a carbon footprint. Thankfully, doing so has become a lot easier these days. Once it would have been too expensive for a regular household to make the changes required to live greenly in their home, but nowadays a lot more people are taking the plunge to create an eco-friendly home.

Do you think that it is time you made some big changes in your home so that you can reduce your carbon footprint and lead a more sustainable life? If so, here are some of the best eco-friendly features you might want to include in your home.

Renewable Energy One of the best things you can do in your home is to change the energy that you use. If you are currently using fossil fuels or regular gas or electricity, these won’t be the best renewable options that you have. It will be far better to start using renewable energies instead. This isn’t so difficult to do as there are now many solar panel companies that will be able to give you a quote for installation. Once you have installed some of these panels, you can start enjoying energy that has been converted from the sun’s energy. It’s renewable, sustainable, and won’t result in a large carbon footprint at all!

Sustainable Materials If you are planning on doing any building or maintenance work on your property, such as extending it or converting the attic room into a bedroom, it is important that you try to source sustainable materials. These will have been recycled or don’t come from a limited source. For instance, you might want to use reclaimed wood to create stylish flooring in some of your rooms. It’s also best to try to source your materials locally too, as then they won’t have traveled too far to get to you. Materials that do travel far will have built up quite a large carbon footprint from all the carbon released over the course of their journey.

Insulated Doors And Windows Hopefully, your home will be well insulated. It will then retain a lot of heat whenever you have the heating on. This means that you won’t use too much energy trying to continually keep it warm. If you think that your home’s insulation could do with some improvement, you might want to look into installing some insulated doors and windows. You will find that energy efficient front doors and windows will help keep all the warm air locked in for a lot longer. There are a few companies that can now install these modern types of doors and windows, so it’s best to get a few quotes before you decide who to go with.

A Smart Thermostat Do you already have some smart technology in your home? There’s a good chance that you do as there are no so many gadgets that can be connected to the internet. For instance, even coffee machines can now come with online features and can be controlled from a smartphone. Did you know that it is also possible to install a smart thermostat to your heating system? This can also be controlled from your smartphone, so it gives you the chance to turn your heating on and off while you aren’t at home. As this gives you a lot more control, your heating won’t be on at times when it doesn’t need to be. As a result, many homeowners find that their smart thermostat helps them use a lot more energy when heating their home, which can also reduce their monthly utility bills as well.

LED Lighting Do you know what kind of bulbs are in your light fittings? If they aren’t LED, it’s time to change them to these new and more environmentally friendly bulbs. LED bulbs use a lot less energy to light up. Not only that, though, but they last a lot longer than more traditional bulbs. As you won’t need to replace them as much as other kinds of bulbs, you’ll be saving a lot of money over the long term.

A Vegetable Patch In The Garden Why not start growing your own vegetables and fruits? This is a great way to cut down on your weekly grocery bill, and it will also encourage you to cut down on food waste as well. You don’t need to transform your entire garden into a vegetable patch, if you only have a small corner available, then that will do. You can start off by growing some simple vegetables that aren’t that difficult to cultivate, such as cucumbers and lettuces. Once you develop your gardening skills, you can start to look into planting berry bushes and fruit trees as well.

A Green Roof Have you ever seen or heard of green roofs? These are exactly what they sound like - they are roofs that are completely covered in greenery! The plants and flowers are planted onto the roof once it has been constructed. The major benefit of these tips of roofs is that they are built in a way so that the plants won’t cause any damage to the structure as they grow. These roofs can help keep the home naturally cool throughout the summer months, and they also help with insulation in the winter. Not only that, though, but all of those plants can help take some of the carbon out of the atmosphere!

Water Conservation It’s also worth trying to conserve water however you can. If you have a garden, it’s worth adding a garden butt to collect rainwater that can be used on your garden, for example. This will help you save on your tap water.

All of these features can help make your home a lot greener!