The 3 R's Of Home Improvement

The 3 R's Of Home Improvement
When redecorating and renovating your home, it’s important to keep a supporting set of principles in mind. This can help you contain your most important decisions, and allow you to purchase the best items for you. Otherwise, it’s very tempting to head on a spending spree, purchasing many items and implements but unfortunately lacking in purposeful decisions, and potentially acting wasteful with your efforts.

Everyone likes lists. They work. They keep us focused. We remember them. So if you’re in the renovating spirit, consider memorizing the one we’ve crafted for you. Consider the following essential R’s of home improvement, and you’re sure to be steered right in each and every decision you make.


Renovating your home should be considered something essential for most people to do from time. This means scheduling a timeline of upgrades and changes to be made now and then. It might be that once every year you check the condition of each long-term piece of furniture, such as your couch condition or how the structural integrity of your bedspread is doing. This can all have an affect on your overall output, and really makes a difference when you think about it. A unit in disrepair can often make a room feel shabby and out of touch, as can out of date furniture. Renovating is important, but it likely won’t take place without the continual interest in developing this well.


Repairing your home is essential. Even one floorboard that creaks heavily, a door that won’t shut properly, a dent in the wall from when carrying a heavy item didn’t quite go to plan can all degrade from the overall aesthetic of your home. But worse than this is the mini-annoyance we have each day when seeing that particular fixture. Let’s say you walk past a dent in the wall at the top of your stairs each day. Every time you see it you think ‘I’ll fix that this weekend.’ It annoys you that it’s there.

But it doesn’t get fixed. It’s too small a consideration each day to remember. However, each morning it remains. If you added all of those mini-annoyances in a year, that’s one huge sense of irritation you have experienced, when it could have been fixed in fifteen minutes. Your home is likely filled with this sort of repair issues, so be sure to either knock them off as they come, or fix them in one dedicated weekend every six months or so. This can help your home feel bright, taken care of, and yours in the final analysis. You’re sure to appreciate your own effort.


Remember that home renovation is fun. Improving your home is fun. It should never be an exercise in obsession, but passion. Thinking in this way allows you to enjoy the process of adorning your home, to do it for you and your family over and above anyone else, and make decisions that are perhaps a little weird, but mean the most sense to you.

With this simple advice, the three R’s of home improvement are sure to see you right.