Functional and Stylish Clothing for the Gun-Loving Lady

We have known for a long time that men are not the only ones who enjoy carrying their own personal protection with them. Keeping such items close and on your own person keeps children's little hands from getting ahold of such items. The woman who enjoys the knowledge that she can protect herself and her loved ones if the occasion ever calls for it can still look stylish.

While men often rely on holsters to keep their firearms within easy reach and well-hidden, built-in holsters mean a pistol won't slip around on our smaller frames. Having a sleek profile also means a lot to many women, and there are garments designed to accomplish all of these goals.

Looking into getting some undercover clothes that fit well, come in basic tones, and wash easily while still maintaining the snugness gun-carrying requires can help build confidence, also. Clothing can help make you feel more secure simply because of how it feels on your skin and how it makes you look in the mirror.

A lot of women wear loose-fitting clothes to hide their guns better. With snugger body-wear, you can trade in your over-sized shirt for a better-tailored one. Making this small change can help make you seem fitter and more confident than you appeared when wearing the loose and baggy button-down shirt. Snug pants can also streamline your profile while wearing loose sweatpants make you look unnecessarily sloppy. Both can hide your concealed weapon, but one significantly improves the way you look.

Besides all these perks, what better way to get the guys' attention when going out for a target shooting session with them as a tag-along, all the while letting them think you've come unprepared until you slip out your .38 or .357 and obliterate your target? These specially-made clothing items also work great when you need to interact with those who dislike or fear guns. Such socialization can happen almost anywhere these days, so becoming even more discreet than usual can help you out in more ways than one.