Challenging Times Are an Inevitable Part of Life

We all go through periods of highs and lows; it is how you react in the face of adversity that will make or break you. Having a strong support system of friends and family in your corner will help you get through trying times. When these friends and family show their love by presenting you with thoughtful and inspirational gifts, you are sure to overcome and rise above your circumstances. Here are some unique and thoughtful gift ideas for anyone going through a rough patch in their life.

Wall Art

Inspirational posters, paintings and shadow boxes are a great gift for anyone going through hard times. Whether health, career, finances or relationship woes are at the heart of the matter, the right piece of inspirational wall art can spark creativity, motivation, happiness, confidence, determination, perseverance or love.

Inspirational Jewelry

A treasured sentiment engraved on a ring, a simple geode or symbolic gem pendant necklace or classic heart earrings are all lovely gifts to give to a person going through a rough patch. Not only will the recipient feel a boost of confidence when they read the sentiment and feel a surge of confidence to dress up and wear the jewelry, it will also make him or her think of you each time it is worn.


Another thoughtful pick-me-up gift for a special person in your life is inspirational clothing. Athletic t-shirts with motivating slogans or hoodies with beast-mode sentiments and hit-you-hard quotes are a great way to motivate, inspire and light a fire under people needing a confidence booster. One example of a company offering a plethora of motivational clothing is I'm A Beast Apparel:

While inspirational gifts are not essential to overcoming hardship, they do reflect the love and compassion that your family and friends feel about you; they represent strength and courage. It is hard not to look at an inspiring piece of wall art or wear a motivational piece of jewelry or clothing and not feel emotionally lifted and happy, even if it is only for a moment.