3 Ways To Increase Your Homes Saleabilty

When you put your house up for sale, you hope to achieve the best possible sale price. Major home improvements such as an extension or loft conversion are guaranteed to increase the value of your property, but if you’re moving, there seems little point in investing time and money. Thankfully there are minor improvements that can be made, which cost hardly anything, but will really boost the saleability of your property.

Achieving the best possible price is important if you are looking to move to a larger property. It is important to gain expert advice on any mortgage loan you apply for to fix the best deal.

Here are some ways of increasing your homes saleability.

Maximise space

Every buyer is looking to get the most space for their money. Space is at the forefront of most buyers mind when viewing a property for the first time. It has been estimated that maximising your space by removing clutter and bulky items can increase your properties value by as much as 11%!

Declutter every room in your home, clearing sides and shelves. Kitchen are particularly prone to clutter so hide everything out of sight.

A way of creating the illusion of space is by the clever use of mirrors. Mirrors placed strategically in small rooms, give the illusion of being larger. You could also consider decorating your rooms in pale colours. Dark colours draw in the walls.

Large sofas and dining room tables would be best placed put into storage until the selling process is complete. Floor space will then be increased considerably.

Deep clean

No one is going to be attracted to a dirty dusty house, it’s really off putting to potential buyers. Your house should be clean and sparkly. Ensure that your house is presented at it’s best before the initial valuation, your house will be valued higher if it appears clean and cared for.

Your house needs to be cleaned thoroughly, even skirting boards doors and window sills will benefit from a thorough scrub. If time is short there are professional cleaning companies that will complete the cleaning for you at reasonable cost. Any money spent will return to you tenfold via a higher valuation.

Finishing off

Create the feeling that your property is cared for by concentrating on it’s entrances and garden. Weed flower beds, cut the grass and place a few potted plants to provide a welcoming feel. A few strategically placed vases of flowers throughout your home will add a fresh feel as well as a nice smell.

Talking of smells, everyone loves the aroma of freshly brewed coffee home baked bread.

When potential buyers come to view your property, give them enough space to wander and imagine themselves living there. If you have a busy household, try to just have one person showing people around otherwise your property will appear crowded and small.

Concentrate on the detail and watch your homes saleability rise! The better the price you get for your property the more money you will be able to channel into your next dream home.