Timeless Arts and Crafts Décor

When the Arts and Crafts style of decorating began around the turn of the 20th century, its focus was on incorporating natural beauty into the home while showcasing the exquisiteness of artisan craftsmanship. Today, there is a renewed interest in natural, eco-friendly and organic furnishings for the home. Looking back to the beginning of the Arts and Crafts movement will give you an abundance of decorating ideas that will help you create a home that honors nature and quality craftsmanship while making it a warm, comfortable place for you and your family.

Arts and Crafts Lighting

The Arts and Crafts style of décor did not include an excessive amount of accessories. Its simplistic style corresponds well with today’s uncluttered, organized and minimalistic trends. Lighting was and still is a decorative and functional accessory in an Arts and Crafts décor. Tiffany lighting or lighting options using stained glass are a popular choice for this type of décor. Other options include lighting designs created in metal and various other lighting designs that feature simple lines and geometric design.

Flooring for Arts and Crafts Décor

When the Arts and Crafts décor first became popular, the flooring choices included wood, stone and slate. These materials, along with tile and cork, are popular flooring options used in organic, eco-friendly homes today. Arts and Crafts style rugs can be included in any room of your home to add visual and physical warmth. These beautiful rugs can immediately become an artistic feature in your home. Their color schemes feature the warm colors associated with the Arts and Crafts décor and most of their designs connect to a nature theme.

Attention to Detail

Small details can have a big impact on your home décor. Earthy colored accessories, hand-crafted accessories, leather, hand-hammered metal and pottery accessories fit well into an Arts and Crafts décor.

The Arts and Crafts period can serve as inspiration for creating a home decor that reflects today’s devotion to nature and organic products. This decorating style gives you excellent opportunities to express your unique personality and design style.