How to Get Great-Looking, Glowing Skin with the Right Hand and Foot Mask

How to Get Great-Looking, Glowing Skin with the Right Hand and Foot Mask
You probably spend a lot of time in the morning making sure you look great. Whether you are careful with your makeup, pay lots of attention to your hairstyle, or just make it a point to choose attractive clothes, it doesn’t change the fact that what people see first is what forms their impression of you. But there’s one other thing that can really give the people you meet a great impression: your skin. Having great-looking, supple skin is definitely a boost for anyone’s ego. That being said, here’s how to get great-looking, glowing skin with the right hand and foot masks.

The basics on hand and foot masks

A hand or foot mask will coat your skin in much the same way as regular lotion – but it’s a lot more effective when it comes to giving your skin the moisture it needs. Leave the hand or foot mask on for a few minutes, and your skin can absorb the ingredients more, making it look better instantly.

The different types of masks

There are different types of masks, from gel masks to clays and emulsions, and you can choose what you need or prefer. There are occlusive masks and there are masks that are also water-resistant, but they all work with one goal in mind: to give your skin a youthful, supple glow. And what makes masks great is that you can just apply them at home – pampering yourself with at-home hand and foot masks is a brilliant way to spend your extra time – and you’ll feel better, too (don’t forget the chocolate cake or the wine, or both!).

These masks are designed to hydrate your skin, making it look and feel soft and smooth. Your skin can become instantly rejuvenated, since masks contain some key ingredients that benefit your skin. Clay masks are made up of natural clay, which can also remove excess oil and impurities. A gel mask, on the other hand, has a high degree of moisture, while emulsions are often made up of a combination of oils and water.

How to choose

If you’re wondering how to choose the best hand or foot mask, look at the ingredients. Also, ask yourself this: what does my skin need? Is it too dry? Is it too oily? Do I need to exfoliate or just cleanse? Based on your answers, you can definitely find the right type of hand or foot mask for what you need. For instance, if you want to exfoliate your feet, you can go for a foot mask with exfoliating properties, so the dead layers of skin can be removed and replaced with younger and newer skin. There are some masks which hydrate as well, making the skin look fresh, clean, and glowing. Happy pampering! We have used Kiss Hand & Foot available at