Fashion Tips for Your Child's School Picture

Fashion Tips for Your Child's School Picture
There are few things parents love more than pictures of their children, and every school year they are treated to a keepsake in the form of a photo. Unfortunately, many parents also have stories about their kids' pictures being ruined by a bad haircut, funny expression, or other unexpected style accident. Of course, the important thing about your child's school picture is that it records a moment in their development and provides a memory that you will treasure for years to come. That said, there's no reason you shouldn't try to make the most of the school picture and show off your child's good looks.

First of all, don't get a haircut or make any major style changes right before picture day. Hairstylists recommend getting a cut at least a week or two before the photo, giving time for the hair to settle in place, for you to get comfortable styling it, or even for a re-do if necessary. Similarly, don't ask your kid to wear a brand new outfit on picture day until you know it will be comfortable and will stay in place. The last thing you want is a photo where the buttons are undone, the bows are floppy, and the collar pops up on one side.

Next, consider the color scheme of your photo. Photographers agree that the best bet for pictures is a solid-color shirt that matches with the background of the shot. Most schools allow you to choose your own background color when ordering a picture package, so choose one that complements your child's clothing.

While you don't want to try out a whole new look, there's no harm in adding a few touches of fashion to your child's usual ensemble. Try kids clip on ties from a trusted fashion provider like Necktie Emporium for a classic look that will look adorable on little boys or girls. Add hair bows if your child has long hair and likes the look and consider choosing a fancy-collared shirt. Again, just make sure that you try these accessories on before picture day to make sure that they're comfortable.

Finally, make sure your child looks clean and well-rested on the big day. Pack wet wipes with them to clean their face right before the photo is taken. Practice smiling with them in front of a mirror. Then relax and look forward to cuteness!