Dressing for a Formal Party

Dressing for a Formal Party
Formal parties are a joy to go to. Everyone is wearing their finery and the drinks and food on offer are usually second to none. At this time of the year, there are all sorts of benefits and balls going on, and now you can start to get really excited about how you are going to dress for the occasion.

Choosing the Dress

A formal dress really should be floor length, but there are lots of styles and shapes you can go for to suit your figure. Look to prom dresses for your inspiration - the intrigue is always in the detailing on the dress, whether it is a bow at the back or a beautiful pattern of sequins that sparkle in the light.

Depending on the tone of the evening, you might want to choose a simple but elegant black dress and then use accessories to lift it. The black dress has been a stalwart of fashion since Coco herself had a dress made in the color that is really a color. Though she was daring in a sea of white chiffon, you can fit in with the crowd in your black dress.

While you are choosing your dress, have a think about the accessories you might want to wear with it. Shoes, jewellry and scarves are all must-have items at any formal party but all should be chosen with the utmost care.

Styling Your Hair

Though lots of hairstyle come and go in the fashion world, when you are dressing for a formal evening, the first thing you need to consider is whether there is detail at the back of your dress you want to show off or not. If there is, it only makes sense to go for a stylish up do to make the most and really show off.

If you have long and luscious hair, you might also want to consider a half up half down look to make the most of your long locks. There are lots of ways to do this, but loose curls will give you an effortless texture. The main aim with this look is to frame your face to bring out your features and then draw the eye down.

Finishing with Makeup

Your makeup is the last thing you should do, especially if you are using a hairdryer and don’t want to risk your look while you get all hot and flustered.

You should always choose your color palette before you start, making sure that your makeup will complement your dress and accessories well. Don’t choose more than two impact colors, though, as this will be a little too much for this type of party!

A simple look that always works with a black dress is the cat eye. All you need to do is apply neutral makeup and then draw a thin black line from the corner of your eye outwards in a flowing movement. If you want to make this simple look even sexier, add a bright red lipstick to draw the eye.