Is Marble a Good Choice for Countertops?

Is Marble a Good Choice for Countertops?
The quest for locating a long-lasting material to cover counter spaces leads most to some type of natural or engineered stone product. Marble is fairly distinct and is used in many parts of a home or business construction. It is a great material to use for countertops as long as you keep a few specifics in mind.

Creates a Great First Impression

A marble design is no doubt one of the more recognizable on the planet when it comes to natural stone. The pattern is often duplicated on furniture, clothing items, purses and more. It has long been associated with the power and prestige of the Roman Empire. Using quality marble for your kitchen and bathroom countertops can make a bold statement that impresses all who step inside your home.

Dramatic Veining and Color Choices

The color of marble can be soft, sparkly, or even take a snowy effect. It provides the perfect backdrop to the normally dramatic veining that is typical of good marble. The vein colorations can be a stark white, gold, copper, brown, black and even a slight hint of blue and green. This provides one of the widest selections possible in natural stone materials.

Marble Can Be Fragile

You do need to take a little extra care with marble due to the fragile nature of this stone. Try not to place any heavy appliances or object directly on the surface. Do not use the countertops to climb or sit on. Keep pets and small children off of the surface to avoid scratches. It will last for years with a little diligent care.

Avoid Staining

Keep all food items that can cause staining, such as blueberries and cranberries, up off the surface of marble countertops. Marble is somewhat hard, but it is porous and can fall victim to absorbing stains. Do not use harsh and abrasive cleaners.

Patterns Help Hide Imperfections and Scars Over the Years

There is no way to have a marble countertop and not experience some level of scratches and staining. The good news is that the natural veining patterns help hide these slight imperfections and flaws that build up over time.

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