What's Your Poison Girls: Rugged & Rough or Clean & Smooth?

What's Your Poison Girls: Rugged & Rough or Clean & Smooth?
Today, we’re thinking about male style and in particular male grooming. Which do you prefer? Do you want a man that is rugged with facial hair or maybe even a gritty stubble? Or, would you rather a guy that is clean shaven and smooth so that his cheeks are soft to touch. Should we stop at the face or should guys groom the rest of their body too? You might be surprised to learn that there’s actually a new trend for guys to shave their legs and we could certainly ask them to wax their chests every now and again. So, let’s look at some of the benefits and traits of the different types of male grooming.

Manly And Rugged?

Yes, it’s true that guys who don’t shave look very manly and rugged. They look like they could protect you, show you your wild side and chop down some wood for a fire in the woods, all in the same day. For some women, that look is all they need to give a guy their number. For others, not so much and perhaps the problem is that how it looks isn’t quite as good as how it feels.

You see, while unshaven looks undeniably sexy, it doesn't feel all that great. Some women find it too rough on their skin and if it’s a beard it can be a little odd getting through it for that perfect kiss. But that’s not the only issue with the manly beard.

Does It Always Look Good?

Say what you like about clean shaven guys but at least it always looks good. It may not be the most manly look in the world but it’s certainly better than a beard that has grown out of control and isn’t being properly maintained. There’s actually a rather thin line between a guy who looks like Chris Evans with a beard and one that looks like the dad on Duck Dynasty. Besides, not everyone can grow a beard. As this post, "Thing No One Tells You About No Shave November" says, some guys can’t grow it all over their face, and it just looks rather odd. It’s not attractive at all, but the problem is you won’t know this until your guy starts trying to grow one. By that point, they might have already committed to the look, and now you’re stuck with it.

Is It...Hygienic?

Maybe not, research has shown that men’s beards are not always the cleanest place in the world. You don’t want to be sitting down for dinner one day and discover there’s a little bit of food from last night’s BBQ in your man’s beard. But it could happen, no matter how often and how well they shower.

Should They Shave Other Areas?

There’s a weird double standard here. Girls should shave their legs to look good, but guys can grow forests all over their chests, stomachs, and legs. Perhaps we should let them do this because again, it can add to that manly, rugged look that some girls crave. But we should not forgive the back. There is nothing attractive about a hairy back, even if you do like the hair on your man’s chest, you’ll probably draw the line at this level of bushiness.

So what do you think ladies? Are men better with or without their furry face friends?