When to Call a Professional to Maintain Your Home Appliances

When to Call a Professional to Maintain Your Home Appliances
Having one of your appliances break down can be frustrating. You’ll either have to buy new equipment or have your appliances fixed. Either method can cost you money, a decision which may lead you to try making the repairs yourself. While a non-professional can handle maintenance for some situations, find out when you should call a professional.

When to Do Regular Maintenance Checks

If you want to avoid appliances breaking down in the first place, the best idea is to call a professional to do regular maintenance checks in your home. While you may think this expense is superfluous, studies show that 95 percent of potential repair costs can be mitigated with an annual service checkup.

In particular, having your HVAC system professionally maintained can lower your energy costs to the extent that the maintenance visit may pay for itself. Skipping a service appointment can cause debris to build up inside the system, which may cause irreparable damage that's costly to fix.

Projects You Can Fix Yourself

One survey reported that 31 percent of people attempted repairs on their own when their products weren't covered by a warranty. If you’re committed to this method, be sure to educate yourself on the repairs beforehand. Watch some how-to videos or research the finer details of how the project should proceed to make the procedure less intimidating.

Generally, working on some appliances, such as a washing machine, dryer, or refrigerator, to perform simple repairs may be within the realm of a homeowner’s abilities. You can tackle problems such as odors coming from your machines or loose hoses on your own.

Another important step to take when fixing appliances on your own is to learn how to diagnose appliance fault codes by consulting your owner’s manual. Often, these codes show the exact nature of the problem, which will then tell you how complex the repairs will be.

Projects Requiring Professional Help

Even with maintenance checks, appliances may still break down on you. When these breakdowns happen, know whether you can handle the repair project on your own. Generally, avoid working on any object that may cause damage to you or your home, such as major plumbing or electrical projects.

Tinkering with the wrong electrical line or gas pipe could cause an explosion or fire. Other areas of your home may include ovens and stoves, wall outlets, and other appliances. While you may be able to unclog your toilet, leave any project that involves a more thorough repair of your pipes to the professionals.

Finally, always call an expert for issues with your home's HVAC system. Dealing with heating and cooling components can be tricky, especially if you lack the required experience that a certified HVAC technician has. If you’re ever in doubt about whether you can repair something yourself or not, give a professional a call. The extra cost is worth the peace of mind knowing that you'll be making both safe and effective repairs to your home appliances.