How to Create a Work-Friendly Home Office

How to Create a Work-Friendly Home Office
When it comes to creating a home office, you want to make it an environment that is well suited to working. The way that you arrange the furniture and the style you decide to decorate it in really do make all the difference. So, whether you are just creating a home office for the first time or you just think yours needs a little bit of a revamp, here are some top tips for creating a work-friendly home office.

Think Where to Position the Desk

Your desk will be the focal point of your office, so this is what you will want to position first. A lot of people put it right up against a wall in the darkest corner of the room which is never a good idea. Instead, you could put it up against the window, parallel to the panes so that you can embrace the natural light coming into the room. For the evening time, you could invest in some soundproofing curtains that will help you to concentrate and keep the area free of distractions. Once you have this desk set up, you can build the rest of the office around it.

Don’t Forget About Artificial Lighting

Where you position the lighting will make a big difference to the overall feel of your office. You don’t want to have one that is directly over your head as it can feel like a spotlight is shining on you at all times. Try some lighting around the sides of the room and give yourself the option of adding some more light to the area with some lamps. These also give you more freedom to choose different designs and customise your workspace.

Go With Creative Storage Solutions

Rather than big, clunky filing cabinets which take up a great deal of space, you could try to go for some more creative solutions. If you are still the kind of person who has piles and piles of paper all over your desk, you could go for some magazine racks and folders to keep things that you want to store away. Utilise the height that you have in the room by putting up some bookshelves to store your folders and make sure that you have at least one stationery storage unit.

Add Some Life

Plants and flowers have been proven to make people happy and boost their mood, so you should consider putting a few of these around your office area. There are plenty of different options depending on your own personal taste and the style of your office. Most indoor plants don’t require watering too regularly so you don’t have to worry about them all the time!

Personalise the Space

Choose some photos that remind you of happy times and some other personal trinkets to give your office more of a sense of personality. Try to rotate these over time so you always have something interesting to look at. After all, it is not good for anyone to stare at a screen for too long!