Lavish In Luxury Without Leaving Your Home!

Don’t you just love heading off on vacation? One of the best parts of a vacation is that you get to stay in a hotel where all your worries and needs are constantly cared for. Not only that, you’ll be able to relax in a room that has been perfectly designed to ensure that you feel as comfortable as possible. Very few people leave at the end of the holiday without wishing that they could live in the five-star hotel forever. Well, perhaps you can. Not literally of course, but you can bring that same level of comfort and quality that you received there to your home. Let’s look at some of the ways that you can do this.

Waking Up Is Hard To Do

One of the reasons why people find it so difficult to wake up in the morning is because their body just didn’t get enough sleep. Usually, this is to do with the quality of the bed and the mattress. We need different things from our mattress. Some of us need a mattress that’s a little firmer, and that’s particularly useful for people who have back issues. Others like something a little softer which means memory foam is probably the optimum choice. These days, of course, you can get the exact bed that you need set up just how you like it. And, once you do that, every morning will start to feel like waking up from a holiday.

Although, the mattress and bed aren’t the only way to add a little luxury to your home at night time. You might want to consider upgrading your sheets. Gorgeous soft bed sheets made of pure Egyptian cotton will be heaven for people who have sensitive skin. Or, for those who can never quite get comfortable in bed. We’re sure after a night sleeping on sheets like this, your body will thank you in the morning.

The bedroom is always a great place to start when you’re looking to add a little more luxury to your home. But now, let’s take a short stroll down the hall to your bathroom.

Bathe In Heaven

Do you love stepping into your bathroom in the morning? If not, there are a few luxury features that will make this room more pleasant. A small change would be the shower pump. If you are tired of there just being a trickle of water when you turn on the shower, try upgrading the pump. You’ll then discover that it’s possible to feel like you’re bathing under a waterfall! You can even get different heads and if you want the water can fall in a pure, straight line that feels like heaven.

Indeed, many homebuyers are so enamored by new hi-tech luxury showers that they do away with the bath all together. But, if you haven’t reached that point, you can get jacuzzi jets for the bottom of your tub. That’s going to be the perfect medicine after a long day sitting at a desk in your home office.

Don’t forget that luxury isn’t just about how things feel but how they appear. You can make some cosmetic changes in your bathroom too. New lights that can be dimmed in the bathroom can make it feel like a sensual spa that you’d find somewhere in a five-star hotel.

And if we’re thinking about replicating the feel of a hotel, perhaps it’s worth looking at the entrance to your home. Does it ooze appeal?

Welcome To Paradise

When you walk through your front door, it should feel as though you are entering a personal haven and that can begin with the front door. Do away with your old outdated front door and choose a new luxury design instead. With gorgeous bespoke, doors available to buy online, there’s no reason not to give your home a fresh, personal touch.

Once you enter, make sure you’re stepping on marble, stone or granite flooring. Remember, you can get aesthetically similar materials that look the part if the real deal is just outside your budget.

Finally, make sure you’re accessorizing the hallway perfectly. A quaint table with a stunning lampshade and some artistic pieces on the cream, clean wall can really bring the hall together beautifully. If you have quite a large hallway into your home, you can center it with a vintage table that will catch the eye of anyone who walks through the door.

These are just some of the ways you can stop living in mediocrity and transform your home into somewhere that is fit for a king or queen.