DIY Your Way To A Stylish, Minimal Bedroom

DIY Your Way To A Stylish, Minimal Bedroom
Whether you like the minimal style in the rest of your house or not, there are some compelling reasons for embracing it for your bedroom. The less clutter and mess that surrounds you when you go to sleep, the better shuteye you can expect - which means a healthier mind and body.

Of course, not everyone has the funds to invest in a room designer to come in and create the perfect minimalist bedroom, but if you are good with your hands and have an eye for style, there is nothing to stop you from going down the DIY route. Let’s take a look at some of the ideas behind DIYing your way to a stylish, relaxing, and minimal bedroom.

Clean decor

Let’s start with the basics - your bedroom decor. The idea here is to keep things as simple as possible and embrace the fact your walls will be a single block of color. Bright white walls might be a little too much to take, so go for a slightly duller white, or even consider using soft hues such as tans, browns, and grays. The key is to choose a color you really like, so take some time to get some testers up in the walls before making your final decision.

Simple sheets

The best sheets for your minimal bedroom will offset your main decor color. Other than your walls, it’s your bed that will have the largest impact on your eyes, so ensure you have a good contrast. Keep things as neutral and basic as possible, and don’t be tempted to go with patterns or complicated designs of you want to achieve the perfect minimal look.

Lots of hidden storage

A minimal bedroom is easy on the eye because there is no clutter. So, have a look around for some intelligent storage solutions that fit in with the overall decor and almost look ‘hidden.’ Ultimately, all you are doing is editing the look of your room - you don’t want it to be completely empty or bare. But with a few smart hidden storage solutions, it’s possible to keep clutter at bay permanently and retain the minimal aesthetic.


Light is vital to your minimal bedroom, and it can make a huge difference to the look of your room. Try letting in as much natural light as possible, of course, and at night times consider using block colors that contrast or complement your decor, whether you are choosing blinds or drapes. You could also think about fitting spotlights in your ceiling and walls, to create a clean look, or alternatively, head to your local thrift store and find something like an old chandelier to hang in the middle of the room. The intricacy can be a wonderful contrast to the fresh, clean lines of your bedroom.


Finally, to ensure your minimal bedroom isn’t overly clinical, consider bringing in a few plants. A pop of green and color can really help you make sure that your bedroom space isn’t looking too sterile. Rubber plants, fiddle leaf, and philodendron are all great bedroom plants that need little tending - just keep them watered and they should thrive.