Special Gifts For A Special Occasion: When You Need To Splash Out

Special Gifts For A Special Occasion: When You Need To Splash Out
The web is packed with money saving tips and ideas. You can search how to save money on your utility bills, how to save money buying a car and how to hold a party on a shoe-string. Sometimes, you don’t want to save money. Sometimes, the occasion is so special that you want to splash out and make a certain someone feel extra special. If you are celebrating a special anniversary or birthday if you simply need to show someone that you care, here are some ideas on how you can splash out in style.

An engagement is no time to count the pennies

An engagement is a very special time in any couple’s life. They have made a commitment to spend the rest of their lives together. The start of this very special journey is worthy of some serious cash. Diamond engagement rings are a timeless classic. They never go out of style and they will last a lifetime. It’s what every little girl dreams of receiving and so she should!

Engagement gifts can be tricky if the couple has already set up their home. Relatives and friends may choose to contribute towards a short holiday or an experience that the special couple can enjoy together. What about hot air ballooning for the romantics and skydiving for the adventurous.

Diamond wedding anniversaries should be celebrated in style

When you have been together for 60 years you deserve to be spoilt. Personaliszd gifts mean a lot. A memento from the year that the happy couple got married always goes down well. A huge party is in order too. Forget about traveling expenses. Get all the family together from all four corners of the world and throw the party of the decade. No expense spared. Get in some music from the year of the wedding, dress up in the fashions and even get the caterers to serve vintage food and wine. The happy couple will appreciate the thought that has gone into planning the evening.

A first birthday is special

A child’s first birthday is such a special occasion and deserves to be celebrated. The baby stage is almost over and the challenging toddler stage is yet to come. Invest in a quality piece of jewelry for your little on. Choose something classic and timeless that will increase in value. Don’t forget to put it away somewhere safe where little hands can’t get hold of it. Gifts that are engraved with a special message always go down well and add that personal touch. Lockets are a good example and are a lovely way to store a precious lock of hair.

First birthday celebrations can be wild! Push the boat out and cater for both the adults and the children. This means kids and grown up food and plenty of entertainment for the little ones so that the adults can chat! Then everyone can have a great time.