Going for Gold

There are some things that never really go out of style - no matter how much we may think they have. While fashions and fads can change as the decades go on, there will always be something that you, your mother and your grandmother could have worn at some point in your lives and had people think “wow”. Perhaps it’s been passed down the generations as a keepsake - and if not, perhaps you could create your own special keepsake of these to pass down to your future generations. It seems like a pretty cryptic thing to be talking about, but you’ve probably already guessed the format that’s being worked on here - the type of garment that will never lose its style. No matter what year you’re in, what century you’ve been a part of, how old you are or your status within society, there is one thing that will never go out of fashion: metals and metallics.


Once upon a time, your status was determined depending on the amount of gold that you possessed. Only Kings and Queens were in possession of the vast amounts that we would commonly see on somebody today, and generally speaking, gold got you places. It still does. It’s one of those metals that is so precious that there is a strong correlation between the price of it and the relationship it has to the open stock market. In terms of incorporating it into fashion, it has been around for thousands of years and will continue on in this vein for millenniums to come; it is so versatile that it can’t not. Whereas it was previously refined to simple jewellery, gold has been making its way into articles of clothing for longer than most people care to throw their minds back to. It’s so easy to go out and buy a garment that is fully gold or at least has specks and flecks of it on it, but unless we are going the whole hog with it, there is little chance that we need to go that far. Instead, we can just bling it up with a bit of jewellery. If you want to go big with gold, this isn’t something that is hard to do - it’s one of easiest style choices that you can make. You can read more here about the wealth of different designs that you can choose which are bigger and more eye-catching than discreet gold jewellery. However, while the majority of us may not be purchasing real gold jewellery nowadays due to expense and fashion changing so rapidly, we are buying a lot of replica gold in lieu of this to help tide us over. It’s available everywhere, and even a quick search on eBay will get something gold-coloured being shipped out to you in no time for less than a dollar in some cases.


Silver has been in style for so long because it’s the colour that never seems to not go with anything. With gold, you have to be wearing a warmer toned outfit for it to truly match and be able to be pulled off accurately. Silver has no boundaries to with which it can be matched. It oozes elegances and a sense of sophistication that is more modern than gold, and is more popular with the younger generation for this fact entirely. Being cheaper to purchase than yellow gold, a lot of couples looking to get married or engaged are going for platinum or white gold as a more expensive silver-coloured option. It’s the promise band of the millennial generation. Sourcing yourself silver jewellery is easier than sourcing yourself silver clothes, although this can be done. The great thing about silver is that it really makes your clothes pop out - no matter what colour you’re wearing. It tends to go great with more cooler colours, such as greens, blues and purples, and you will more commonly find it coupled with these instead of the warmer hues. As a relatively inexpensive option, even for sterling 925 graded silver, it’s no wonder that it has seen such a rise in popularity. Although it hasn’t got the same status as gold, there is a certain je ne sais quoi about it - the fact that somebody is more likely to be wearing sterling silver than pure gold is one of the joys about owning it. You know that most of the time, you’ll be wearing the real deal.


While not necessarily made out of bronze, there are a lot of bronze-coloured items of jewellery that are available to buy, and it’s big this season. Often sold as copper or rose-gold, you won’t be putting a foot out of place in terms of style if you are adorning yourself with this cosy coloured metal. There are no rules to mixing it up and layering - so if you have rings, necklaces or bangles, don’t just stick to one. Keep going and fitting on as many as you want to. The great thing about this metal is that it is transferable not just to style in terms of wearable fashion, but as well as household objects. Things like terrariums, lampshades and photo frames are all coming out in a bronze colour, and they are the hottest things of the season to get right now. Just like gold, they are able to give a rustic warmth to whatever they are placed against, and if you are feeling washed out or not particularly fresh that day, wearing a copper-coloured piece of jewellery can do a lot for how you’re presenting yourself. Taking the time to have a look around and finding a piece that works with you and is of a good quality is of the utmost importance; you may find that certain tones of the metal work better with different colourings, and the cheaper products may leave a green stain on your skin (just like it would with a cheap silver), so you have to be careful with what you’re spending your money on.