5 Trends To Take Into Any Season

Style is something that can be confusing. The fashion and beauty scene changes so often that it’s perfectly normal to not be sure whether you fall under a certain style banner. Thankfully, there are plenty of fashion and beauty trends that you can take with you into each season and still be current.

Trends may come and go over the years but there are those that will never be far out of style. Recognising which they are though, is difficult! If there is a trend out there that stands the test of time, hold onto it, as it’s going to be one you can carry with you and still feel confident about as the years go by. Once you get to know which trends fit for you, you’ll start saving your money. There’s no need to invest in tons of beauty products if they won’t be fit from season to season. Keep these five timeless trends in mind, so you always stay current:

Black eyeliner

Since the dawn of make-up, eyeliner has been used to accentuate the eyes and usually ends up with a long, cats-eye flick to elongate the look of the eyelid. From Cleopatra to Audrey Hepburn, eyeliner is one of those beauty products that never runs out of style.


Regardless of what colour you choose, tinted cheeks are always in fashion. There was a time that having spots of blush on the top of the cheeks was beautiful. In other years, women have pinched their cheeks to bring colour to the surface. A touch of colour to the cheeks suits everyone, it just depends how bright you go.

Hair highlights

When you were a child, sleepovers were full of hair mascara and clip in hair. Now, we have grown-up tape in hair extension, which gives life and volume to hair as well as length to shorter cuts. As you can vary the colours you use, you’re automatically highlighting your hair through the year. This saves you waiting for summer for the sun-kissed look, and saves your money from the salon! Hair trends come and go, from pixie cuts to mermaid hair, and if you can’t wait for it to grow, extensions can solve the problem.

Classic red lipstick

You can buy lipstick in hundreds of different shades now from purple to the palest pink. If you want to look timeless, try going for the bright red colour palette. It’s classic for a reason and has been used for every occasion for generations. It dresses up a casual outfit and makes a smart one pop. Simply beautiful.

Smoky eye

Any twenties sweetheart in the movies wore a smoky eye to highlight the colour of the iris and give definition to the windows of the soul. It takes time to perfect this look, but once you do you’ll always have that air of mystery about you.

Carrying each of these trends through the seasons is easy once you have a deft hand with a brush. Timeless looks for every occasion take a little work and watching videos like these ones, you can get the right help for your look.