Ways to Keep You Warm Between the Seasons

We’re coming into that difficult time of year where it’s not apparently exactly what we should wear. Clothes, obviously, but the weather can change at the drop of a hat, and when the sun is shining and you have dressed for any warmth that you can grasp at, you can bet that you will return shivering - having not dressed appropriately.

With that in mind, here are some foolproof ways to keep warm enough to keep away the chill, but cool enough that you won’t be overheating in this, the weirdest of the inbetweens! Don’t worry, though - the tips for totalling cooling down will be upon us soon enough. Summer will soon be here!

Take It Back In Time Remember when you were younger and you had to wear a vest to keep warm? Nowadays we only associate these items of clothing with older people or young children, but this is totally a good way to layer up that a lot of people look over. Nobody can see the vest but you, and what everybody else doesn’t know won’t harm them - who gets offended by a vest, anyway?

Put It On the Outside If wearing a vest doesn’t take your fancy, there are a number of fur vest outfits and combinations to wear which are very in this season. The great thing about them is that you don’t completely have to cover up with a coat if you don’t want to, but it does give you the option to layer up with one if it is too cold. They provide amazing insulation for you as well as looking fashionable - basically, it’s a win-win situation.

Layer Up Your Tops Putting one t-shirt on top of the other is not a crime, and should definitely be done more. Warm air stays for longer, trapped between the layers (sort of like how you get warmer at night by piling up a lot of thin blankets rather than relying on one big duvet) and if you get too overheated then at least one can be taken off. It is a great way to blend different colours into your outfit and will make it easier to accessorize your look due to this.

Socks for the Masses Boots are a brilliant choice of footwear at this time of year, and with all the different styles you can get, from ankle to over the knee, you will not be desperately looking for choice. When camping (slightly off topic, but stick with it), you are always recommended to take a fresh pair of socks with you as having warm feet can make the world of difference to your core body temperature - think about when you sleep in socks - and this information can be transferred and applied to situations that don’t involve tents. Make sure that you have cosy socks, or at the least pure cotton ones to stop the sweat building up inside the shoe, and you will have combatted any cold-footed feelings that you may have otherwise had. So many people are choosing to go barefoot under their shoes, or use popsocks, but there is such a thing as a stylish sock. Anyway, who cares about style when nobody can see it and - most importantly - you’re warm!