How Anybody Can Get The Hollywood-Luxe Look In Their Own Home

How Anybody Can Get The Hollywood-Luxe Look In Their Own Home
With the Oscars and the Golden Globes just around the corner, the world's attention is shifting to Hollywood. It's this time of year when we get to see the red carpet rolled out and all of the Hollywood A-listers on display.

Such spectacles can often lead the mind to wander. We wonder what it would be like living in a Hollywood Beverly Hills mansion with all of the glitz and glamour that it would entail.

Fortunately, you don't have to be a Hollywood A-lister to enjoy a little bit of fantasy and flare in your own home. Take a look at these inspiring and affordable ideas from Hollywood's biggest ceremonies.

Lay Down The Red Carpet

The red carpet laid out at the Oscars is legendary. But it's also something that you can use in your own home. Laying a red carpet in your hallway looks especially good when placed on top of wooden beams. You can then couple a red carpet with lamps, throw pillows and lacquered trays to great effect. What's more, adding a piece of red carpet to the floor is both affordable and cheap.

Use Gold

If there's one colour that dominates the houses of the rich and famous, it's gold. Gold is the perfect metallic shade to add a luxe look to your home. What's more, different shades of gold tend to blend together very well, allowing you can use gold in practically all the rooms of your home. Try adding gold tones by including silk or satin curtains with throw pillows or small accented gold boxes, candle holders and bowls.

Faux Fur

Hollywood is very keen on animal welfare and social responsibility. As a result of Hollywood celebrities are keen to point out that they only use false fur in their clothing and their decor. If you want your pad to feel like a million bucks but don't want to spend the money, you don't have to go for a real fur: you can just use fake fur like the celebrities do it. When it comes to fake fur, sumptuous textures are essential. You want to create an impression of luxury as soon as somebody enters the room. Combine plush fur rugs with coffee tables, luxurious seating and hard flooring.

Quality Doors

Celebrity homes don't use cheap cardboard doors to separate their living spaces. Instead, they use oak doors, like those at George Hill Timber and Building merchants. Oak doors immediately add a sense of timelessness and durability to your home. They also feel a lot more substantial than regular home doors.

Ornate Ornaments

When it comes to designing a Hollywood style home, minimalism goes straight out of the window. Celebrities are always looking for that extra piece of detail that makes a home unique. This could be a pattern carved on a mirrored surface, a crystal ornament with an interesting texture, or practically anything that has a bold pattern. Celebrities often use ornaments as a focal point for their rooms to create interest and break up space in unusual ways.

Use Art Deco Curved Lines

The first Academy Awards ceremony was held all the way back in 1929. This was right in the middle of the Art Deco heydey, during the construction of the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building. The standout features of art deco designs are the curved lines that go through entire rooms, including the furniture and the architecture. Art Deco is characterised by things like curves chairs, rounded arm seating, patterns on pillows or wallpaper, round or oval accepted tables, accessories that a round or oval in shape, and round mirrors and rugs. The purpose of the original art deco design was to break up the room and make it feel softer and more elegant. If you want your home to feel more like the Academy Awards, make sure you include lots of curved lines.

Make It Sparkle

The Oscars are famous for their sparkle and shine. Nothing says luxury more than going overboard with the glitz and glamour in as many ways as you can think of. You can add sparkle to your home by including things like metallics, velvet, glass and crystal, silk or satin, clear acrylic, and mirrors. You can also take advantage of glossy lacquered surfaces on things like bedside tables lamps and ornaments.

Use A Hollywood Palette

Finally, to really get that Oscar look it's important to use the same colour palettes that celebrities use. This includes making use of lots of black and white patterns, as well as using shades of white including cream. Celebrities are also fond of cool greys and platinum, especially when it comes to their kitchens and living areas.