Breakdown Your Makeup Routine

Getting our makeup to look its best is something that we all want. But unless we are a professional makeup artist, it can be anything but easy. Something that can help though is to take a long hard look at the makeup routine that we have and see where it could be improved or change to make it even better. Basically, you need to break down your makeup routine into its different elements. Then you can discover which one are working, and which ones aren't. Read on to find out more.

STAGE 1: How do you start?

If you are starting your makeup routine by slathering on some foundation, then you are already getting it wrong. Foundation should be in the middle of your routine, not the beginning.

Before you apply any makeup at all, you need to make sure that your skin is clean and prepped. Thinks of it as a fresh canvas to be painted on.

To do this you need to wash your face, preferably with a soft PH neutral cleanser, that will leave it clean but not dried out.

Then is vital that you moisturize your skin. This not only protects and nourishes your skin for the day ahead, it also help smooth out any imperfections that might be emphasized by your foundation.

The last part of this starting phase is to allow some time to let you moisturizer skin in. You don't have to waste it, though, you can dry your hair or brush your teeth at this point.

Then apply a primer liquid. Primer is something that is going to make your skin matt and give you that flawless look that you want. Then when you apply your foundation over the top, it will glide on smoothly.

STAGE 2: The foundation stage

Once you have applied your primer, give it in a few moments to set, and then you can start applying your foundation.

Picking the right foundation is half the battle here. As if you are using the wrong color you are going to have to work twice as hard to get it to blend and look natural.

Apply your foundation with a brush large flat brush. That will stop you transferring any germs or bacteria from your hands to your face and rubbing them into your skin. Once you have good coverage take a wide flatted tipped kabuki brush, and make stippling movement all over you face. This will give it that airbrushed finish.

STAGE 3: Detail work

One you have your foundation sorted, you can move on to the more detailed work of highlighting your lips and eyes. The foundation work you have done will help your eye makeup to last longer, but your lips are a different matter.

Lipstick is notorious for smearing off, as soon as it's applied. So avoid this using a long wear lipstick. Take a peek at the Lipsense lipstick review for more details.

Remember that when making up your eyes you want to make them seem as large as possible. So use light colored eyeshadow in the corner and on the lid, and a darker color in the crease.

Then finish the entire face with loose, pressed powder for a long wearing look that will look great all day.