4 Awesome, Time-Saving Kitchen Tricks For Busy People

Life - and work - can often get in the way of a lot of things. And given we are all so busy these days, it’s no surprise that people spend less time cooking in the kitchen than at any point ever in history.

It’s a bigger issue than you might think, however. When your diet consists of ready meals and take outs, there is a good chance you are not eating as healthily as you could be - and it costs a small fortune. So, the big question is, how can we all save a little time in the kitchen to ensure we are eating better - and saving cash. Here are a few ideas for you to get started.

Learn the basics

First of all, cutting, slicing, and peeling takes up an inordinate amount of time, and it’s a big reason many people just can’t be bothered to cook. However, you can speed things up significantly by learning how to do things properly. Go on a food prep course, and you will learn to wield a knife as well as a pro chef, and take a look around online for some excellent ways of slicing and dicing at top speed. It shouldn’t take you too long before you can do everything in a quarter of the time you could before.

Invest in knives

Of course, no matter how good you are with a knife, the tools you use will have a significant impact on your ability to get things done fast. High-quality knives are an essential part of any perfect kitchen, and worth the investment. They stay sharper for longer and will last a lifetime, no matter how much stress you put your knives through. I know plenty of people whose cooking skills - and speeds - have been transformed by investing in a top-of-the-range knife set.

Spruce up your storage

Be honest - how efficient is your kitchen storage? Can you get everything you need within seconds, or do you spend tens of minutes taking things out, moving things around, and leaving a big old mess in your wake? If it’s the latter, consider spending an afternoon rearranging your kitchen. Invest in some new cupboards that make it easier to get to what you need - something with high-quality kitchen drawer runners will give you faster access. You should also consider magnetic wall strips so that all your knives and metal utensils are easy to reach at a moment’s notice.

Invest in a food processor

A good quality food processor won’t come cheap. But, honestly, it will also be one the best time-saving investments you will make. You can do pretty much anything with a good processor, from pureeing fruit and veggies to grinding meat for burgers or chilis. Modern processors can even knead dough for making bread, or slice and shred cabbages within about two seconds. Take a look around at some of the amazing food processors and find something that will make your life so much easier than tit has been up to now.