Why Can't I Just...? Three Surgery Shortcuts You Can't Fall Back On

"If something is worth having, it's worth waiting for."

How you feel about that saying probably depends on how long you've had to wait for something, right? It's very easy to say, particularly from a position where you've got what you want right now. But underneath it there is a stubborn and unavoidable truth: shortcuts aren't all they're cracked up to be.

No-one really likes waiting for something they want. A movie they want to see is coming out in the cinema. They can't get tickets, so they torrent an illegal copy of the film. They want a luxury meal, but two hours in the kitchen seems like a stress, so they buy a ready meal version. Neither "solution" is ideal; it's never the same quality. But it's here, now, so it's better than denying yourself.

This is how a lot of people feel about having elective surgery. Particularly if it's a cosmetic form of surgery. Yes, there are diets, exercises and a whole range of things you could do to look and feel better. But if you've got the money in your account (or on a credit card), you could look better this time next week. Why wait?

Before you get the impression that this is going to be a "cosmetic surgery is wrong" article, it's not. We all know the dangers and drawbacks of having too much surgery (http://www.businessinsider.com/17-celebrity-before-and-after-plastic-surgery-disasters-2012-8?IR=T), and we mostly know what "too much" is.

We also know that there are elective treatments that are perfectly fine and healthy and that can be a positive thing. What's a concern is the level of expectation people have about surgical procedures. If you begin to see them as a substitute for having the right approach to life, then you are in for a disappointment. And that's not the fault of the surgery.

"Why Diet When I Can Pay For Lipo?"

We all know that we need to eat the right things and exercise enough in order to keep our weight at a reasonable level. If we want to impress people with our beach body, that's the compromise we make.

But we also don't like compromising, and we usually don't enjoy the right things as much as we do the wrong. If we've got enough money set aside, the temptation can be to say "Eh! If it becomes a problem, I'll just get liposuction."

There are many reasons this is the wrong way to look at it. Lipo has improved a lot in recent years, but it still isn't a non-invasive procedure. How could it be? That means it comes with recovery time and shouldn't be an alternative to eating well.

More importantly, for many forms of surgery including liposuction and liposculpture, you need to be ready. This means being healthy enough to undergo the procedure. As details at Liposuction-SanDiego.com/liposculpture-body-sculpting show, this operation is intended to remove stubborn deposits. It is not a way to get rid of a hundred pounds. So ballooning to a certain weight before having it done isn't an option.

"I Know My Teeth Aren't Great, But I'll Get Them Fixed Sometime"

Cosmetic dentistry has come on in leaps and bounds in the last decade or so. Once upon a time, you looked after your teeth because, if you lost them, a denture was your only option. And no one wanted that. Now, there is a lot more that can be done with your teeth, and it can make some of us a bit lazy.

"Yes, I know they're a bit yellow. I could be more disciplined, but I'll get them whitened."

"I keep getting toothache - but nothing's fallen out yet. And if it does there's always an implant!"

It's true that cosmetic dentistry can cover a multitude of sins. Sadly, the fact is that if you go around deliberately committing those crimes, it won't save you. If you don't take care of your dental hygiene, you'll end up in a situation where there is nothing a dentist can do but remove teeth. And if you're hanging your hopes on an implant, I may have some bad news for you.

An implant can only be placed in a healthy mouth. Poor oral hygiene can lead to infections in the gums and general poor gum health. And if you've had a tooth fall out, then you may not have the bone density in your jaw to support the implant anyway. Oh, and as for tooth-whitening? It can only be done on teeth that are strong enough. Which won't happen if you're not looking after them.

"Glasses Don't Suit My Look. I'll Just Have Laser Eye Surgery"

First of all, who doesn't suit glasses these days? Even without the advance of Geek Chic, more and more people are showing that wearing glasses and being cool or sexy are not mutually exclusive. So lose that bizarre assumption for a start.

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, going without glasses or contacts when you need them is terrible for your eyes. It will cause your sight to deteriorate. And if you think that doesn't matter because surgery, bad news...

Thirdly, not everyone is considered a good candidate for eye surgery. Indeed, you need to be able to show a glasses or contact lens prescription that has been constant for at least one year. So even if you get a prescription and don't bother with the glasses in public, you're running a risk. That's before we confront the potential issues caused by laser eye surgery. Which are substantial and unpleasant.

At the bottom of all this, there is the fact that any surgeon will tell you these things. They're not going to welcome you through the door and take your money for surgery that won't hold. These people are doctors, and even if they were amoral enough to promise results they can't deliver, malpractice suits are a thing.

So, yes, cosmetic and elective surgery can be for you, and it may make a positive difference in your life. But it's not the short cut some people see it as. It never promises to be that short cut. It's a helping hand over the top of a wall, but you'll have to climb part of the way yourself.