What To Pack When Traveling For Christmas

What To Pack When Traveling For Christmas
If you’re going to be traveling somewhere over the Christmas period, what you pack and how much you can bring will really depend on where you’re going.

Obviously if you’re going somewhere warm, then you can get away with packing a lot lighter, and even take more things because lighter clothing won’t take up as much weight.

Though, if you’re going somewhere very cold, then you need to prepare for the colder temperatures by bringing enough warm clothing to last while you’re there.

This also means that you’ll probably not be able to take as much - especially if you’re flying, because the weight allowance on baggage is pretty strict, and you want to avoid paying the ridiculous fees at the airport that they’ll hit you with for being even just a kilo or two over.

When you are going somewhere cold and have to try to pack light at the same time, a few things that can make it easier are to look at a few main things you’ll be needing consistently throughout your trip.

These things would generally be, a hat, scarf and gloves. A warm sweater, a good winter coat, and appropriate shoes.

A good idea here is to wear this stuff to the airport on the day of travel, because these things - especially the jacket and main pair of winter shoes will be pretty heavy and bulky, so although it may be somewhat annoying to wear them in the airport where it’s warm and crowded, you will be able to save your baggage allowance by doing this.

Other things you should consider packing are a few long sleeved tops, and one or two sweaters, such as Merino Wool Sweaters from Merino Snug that will definitely keep you warm when needed, and on the days when a full winter jacket maybe isn’t needed as much.

Just because you’re packing for a winter trip doesn’t mean you need to overdo it or have loads of stuff - but you definitely need to have enough to keep you warm and comfortable.

Pick a few outfits before you go, so you know what goes with what and for what day, then you’ll have a much easier time with packing than if you just throw everything in a suitcase randomly.

It also makes sense to take a few extra pairs of things like gloves, socks and even some extra pajamas, maybe even a nice hoodie for around the house, just in case you do find it more chilly than what you’re used to, either during the day or at night time.

One thing about winter is, it always seems colder when you’re trying to sleep at night, so keep yourself wrapped up well with the appropriate clothing, and for during the day, make sure you have hats and other accessories that will actually keep you warm. It’s great if they look good, but if they’re not also keeping you warm and protecting you from the cold, then they’re not really serving any purpose.

If you’re still struggling to decide what to pack, then there are plenty of online resources to help you with this and tips to get the most out of your baggage allowance.