Styling Your Home Ready To Sell

When you decide to move home, it can be exciting. But the fun of finding your dream home can quickly come to an end when you start the process of trying to sell your home. If your house has been on the market for a while, it can be helpful to make a few changes around the home to get buyers interested. Even if you’re just thinking about selling, you can start off on the right foot with these simple tips.

First Things First

Ask the experts! Whether you’ve had a few viewings and no takers yet, or you want to get it right first time, head to the professionals. Real estate agents are experienced in selling houses and will be able to guide you every step of the way. If you’ve not picked one yet, click here for some guidance.

Declutter Your Space

This is likely to be one of the first things a professional will tell you because it’s the most important of all. Make sure you declutter the spaces in your home! If you were viewing a house that was messy, untidy or a little chaotic, would it appeal to you? Probably not. Keep everything as clean and clutter free as you can; it’ll help viewers to visualise the space.

Make It Inviting

When you’ve got people looking around your home, you want them to feel invited. It’s always a good idea to help them see what potential the house has, especially if you have a particular design style. Accessories like candles, throws and lamps can add warmth and that great homely feel we all love.

Keep it Natural

It can be tempting to try and create a mood or set the scene, but sometimes, less is more. Candles look lovely around the home but think twice before overloading your home with scents. Something might smell great to you, but others could be sensitive to smell and find it overpowering. Instead, keep the air flowing to keep your rooms fresh!

Don’t Forget The Outdoors

Even if you have the loveliest home with stunning decor - first impressions count. Make sure that you get your garden together before anyone arrives. Whether you have lots of outdoor space or just a little, you want to show off it’ potential. If you have outdoor furniture, style it up for your viewers to see. It will also give you a chance to sort through any pieces you no longer need, ready to make moving easy. And don’t forget to mow the lawn or tidy up any plants or bushes that might let the rest of the space down.

And If All Else Fails...

Take everything back to basics. Your taste is your taste, but it might instantly put a buyer off. It sounds crazy, but keeping everything stripped back and simple can be the key to getting your house sold. So if you have an ornament collection that looks out of place or crazy colours scattered around the home, now might be the time to tidy it all up!

But, above all, remember to relax and have fun with it. Moving home is a great experience - the end of one chapter and the start of another, so enjoy each step.