4 Beautiful Bedroom Updates You Need To Do ASAP

As an important part of the house, the bedroom is often underrated. They are just where we go to sleep at night right? Wrong! In fact, we do so much more in there like get dressed for work or relax when we are feeling stressed or ill. We even use them as our own little retreat to get away and have a bit of sacred alone time. So as they are actually very important, we should treat them as such. That means keeping them pleasant tidy and updated. Read on to find out more.


Of course, the central part of any bedroom is the bed. That is why it is worth investing some serious money into it to create the perfect sleeping environment.

Having a cheap and uncomfortable bed is always a bad idea. We actually spend at least a third of our lives sleeping, so it's pretty important that we are comfortable when we are doing it.

Choose a bed frame that no lonely goes with the decor of your room, but is also supportive enough to stop you tossing and turning in the night. For taller people, beds with footboards are a bad idea. As it just means they end up sleeping squashed up even when that is not a comfortable position for them to be in.

It's not just the bed frame that can affect the quality of your sleep either. The mattress has a big part to play in that too. Again it is worth buying the best quality that your budget can stretch to here.

There are lots of different type of mattress available, but the most popular at the moment tare memory foam ones. If you are looking to buy a new mattress is best to look at a memory foam mattresses guide before you make your purchase. Then you can familiarize yourself with what is available.

Closet Space

It may sound pretty boring, but closet space in the bedroom is something that needs to be regularly updated. It can be all too easy to have too much stuff to be stored away neatly. This just ends up in your bedroom becoming messy and chaotic, instead of a serene place to relax in. It is always better to put stuff that you are not using away as it creates a much calmer atmosphere.

To make sure there's enough room to keep your items stored properly it is important to update your closets every so often. If you are working with built in wardrobes so you can't add any more space, you can use shelves with boxes instead. They look tidy and can be matched into your decor easily.


Anywhere that you sleep and relax in is going to need effective lighting. Too many people just put up with the lighting situation that their home came with, and don't think to go any further. But this is a mistake. You can change the whole feel of a room by changing the lights.

Consider dimmable lights to give the room a more calming and restful atmosphere when it comes to bedtime. Also, daylight bulbs are great for in the morning when you need to be up at ‘em as soon as the alarm goes off.