3 Tell-Tale Signs That Your Home Isn’t Winter-Ready (And What To Do About It)

It may only be October, but your home should really be winter-ready by now. After all, the weather has already started to get cooler - soon enough it will get colder again and all of a sudden we’ll be in the middle of winter. If you’re unsure whether your home is ready for the onset of the colder weather, keep reading. The three tell-tale signs below should give you a good idea of whether your home is ready for winter.

1. Your windows let in a draft

Now that the weather has got cooler, if your windows (or doors) let in a draught, you’ll feel it. This can be a real issue in the winter months as it means that they’re not airtight. Not only does this mean that cold air will be able to enter your home, but also that warm air will be able to escape. This means that you’ll require more energy to heat your home.

The best way to deal with this is to replace the windows (or doors) that are causing the problem. However, this isn’t always practical. To prevent a draught from getting in, investing in thick curtains is a good idea. Draught stoppers for putting under doors can also work well.

2. Heat doesn’t go far

If you notice that when you put your home’s heating on, the heat doesn’t go far, this could be a sign that your home isn’t properly insulated. When you’ve got your heating on, as long as the property is well insulated, it should stay warm for hours. However, if the property isn’t well insulated, you will lose heat out of the walls and roof.

The only way that you can deal with this is to invest in more insulation for your home. The good news is that if you choose to insulate your home yourself, it shouldn’t cost you too much. However, if you decide to hire a professional, it may be expensive. Believe it or not, doing your own insulation isn’t that difficult, it’s just a case of having the right tools on hand. For instance, to apply insulation to an area of your home, you’ll need the correct insulation adhesive supplies.

3. Your home doesn’t feel cosy

Last but not least, if your home doesn’t feel cosy, that’s an issue. When you step through the door into your home, the last thing that you want is not to feel comfortable and cosy. The good news is that making your home feel like a cosier space isn’t as difficult as you would think. It’s just a case of making a few simple updates to the decor and layout of each room.

For instance, to make your living room feel like a cosier space, adding a rug, a couple of cosy throws and some scented candles can be all it takes. Things like adding an electric fire, if you don’t have a real one, can also help. You want to try and make each area of your home feel as comfortable and cosy as possible. The key to that is lots of rugs, blankets, and cushions, as well as lighting that gives off a warm glow.

There you have it, three tell-tale signs that your home isn’t winter-ready and the best ways to deal with them.