Rocking The 90’s Trend Without Breaking The Bank!

If you have been keeping up with the latest trend in 2016, you’ll have notice that it's all about the 90’s right now. That's right, the era of the spice girls and eyeliner is back. But how can you get this look, without it costing a fortune? Read on to find out.

Pastel Hair

Ok, so the quickest and easiest thing that you can change about your appearance to get the 90’s look is to dye your hair. Original 90’s girls seemed to favor a the peroxide blonde look. Whereas the 2016 update is to use a pastel color over the bleach for a softer, more dreamy look.

Any color will do, and you can choose from pink, blue, green and the popular violet. You can even get home dye kits with these colors in now, or use some hair chalk for a cheaper, less permanent solution.

Hair Styles

Of course, it's not just how your hair is colored but the style you have it is that matters too. For a really 90’s look, try a half up and half down bun. Or two mini buns reminiscent of baby spice!


Getting the right dress can be tough if you are not sure what to look for. There are really two main things to remember. 90’s dresses are either super relaxed or very formal. For the super relaxed version, think baggy, oversized and floral. Usually with a small ditsy print. Team them up with chunky clodhopping boots for a great contrast.

For a more formal look go for a form-fitting paneled dress with lace. Think sexy and skin tight.

To save some money on your 90’s dresses shop online. Remember not to complete your purchase unless you have checked for a voucher that can get you money off like the coupon code.

Septum ring

You’ve probably seen the infamous septum ring modeled by stars such as Rihanna and other Instagrammers. While they perfectly compliment this edgy but feminine look that was so popular in the 90’s, getting a bar through your nose might be a step too far for you?

If this is the case, don't stress, because there are plenty of cheap clip on septum rings that you can use. So you can get the look, without leaving you with a permanent hole in your nose when you want to take it out. Go here for some ideas.

Layered jewellery

In addition to the septum ring, the layered jewelry look is essential to getting the 90’s trend right. Chokers made from velvet, flowered headbands and lots and lots of silver rings can make your outfit pop. They also give you that genuine 90’s credibility.


90’s makeup is essential to ensure that your look is cohesive. Remember to use a slightly lighter foundation, with a heathery colored lipstick. Eyeliner is a must here and can be bought cheaply from the drugstore. Remember If you don't look like you are auditioning for a film about witches, you're just not doing the look right!