Floral And Fabulous? How To Get The Natural Touch Indoors Affordably

We all know that flowers form a valuable part of the ecosystem. Even if we don't know the specifics, we are aware they're not just about looking pretty.

But oh, they do look so pretty. Not only do flowers make a wonderful gift, but they also make your indoor decor all the more stunning. They're temporary touches of color that you can mix and change with the seasons. Basically, flowers are something that's good for the planet and good for our sense of style at the same time. Everyone's a winner.

Apart from the bank manager, that is. Fresh flowers are expensive, and if you make it a regular habit, it can become a problematic one. Unless you have almost unimaginable wealth, control is important. You can always look at faux flowers, but they never quite have the same majesty.

If you want to keep your indoor displays without losing control of your finances, there is an obvious solution. Do your bit for the environment too and grow your own flowers, which you can then cut and display indoors.

If you're currently wondering if we've lost the plot and you have no gardening experience - worry not. Let's go through the common questions for the wannabe flower-grower without green fingers.

Do I need outdoor space?

No. Many flowers can successfully be grown in pots and window boxes. Small varieties will flourish on a sunny windowsill - and you’re less likely to forget to water them if they’re in view. While growing in a garden is always going to give you the biggest array to choose from, it's not strictly necessary.

Can I get flowers year round, or only in summer?

A sticking point if you're doing this for the indoor displays, modern growers no longer need to be restricted to seasons. With tools like grow bulbs you can control the whole process and keep things blooming year round.

What flowers make the best cut flowers?

This is purely a matter of taste. Think about the kind of bouquets that you buy and the flowers featured in them, and then research how to grow your own. Here're a few starter ideas if you're not sure what you buy.

Lilies - A single lily is beautiful in its own right, and a full arrangement is stunning. However, if you're a cat owner, they can be poisonous - so keep your vase away from little paws.

Sunflowers - Bright and beautiful, sunflowers have a unique beauty, and you can eat their seeds as well. For a twist, try the black or red varieties.

Dianthus, which includes carnations and sweet Williams - These are easy and inexpensive to grow, and can pad out an arrangement with extra color.

Gypsophilia (aka Baby’s Breath) - A white flower used to bulk out an arrangement while remaining delicate.

What items do I need?

You don't need to break the bank to grow your own flowers. There's initial investment in pots and compost, but the rest can be sourced from the rest of the house. For example, egg shells make excellent containers for seedlings before they are planted in their main pot.

What am I waiting for?

Our point exactly - be fashionable, free and floral, and save yourself a fortune at the same time!