Everything You Need To Know About Derma Rollers

Dermatologists are seeking more effective ways to treat and heal skin care issues. Among the various solutions, Micro-needling has become one of the more popular choices as patients look for the answers to problem areas such as the face, neck, and scalp.

Typically known as Derma Rolling, micro-needling is a deep peeling treatment used to treat issues such as those with the scalp; encouraging hair growth and stimulating blood flow. It can also be used as a facial treatment for those whose skin is too sensitive to undergo cosmetic laser treatments . Here are the several benefits of using a Derma Roller.

The Leading Skin Care Product

Found in salons and easily done at home, a derma roller is constructed of a rolling “barrel” studded with fine needles which break down existing scar tissues and increases the blood flow. Length of the derma needles depend upon style of purchase. Quality needles will provide such characteristics and benefits:

Needles should be sharp and range in length from .05mm and 2.0mm; dull needles will only damage skin further.

Longer needles tend to result in more discomfort as they provide a deeper peel; however, longer needles also result in a more effective peel and have been known to successfully treat cellulite. It is recommended that needles any longer than 1.5mm be left to professionals.

Needles may come as many as 200 or as much as 450. It is noted that the fewer the needles the more discomfort applicants are said to experience.

The end result is a fresh skin surface, boosted collagen production, and a slight reduction in scarring. At this point, your punctured skin is open to absorbing skin care products.


Tackles deep inset wrinkles: able to reduce the effects of fine lines such as the development of crow’s feet around the eyes and deep wrinkles located on the forehead.

Reducing scars: most effective with acne scarring by the use of a 1.5mm needle with frequent treatments.

Sun damage and skin dis-coloring: able to smooth discolored areas of the skin and treat sun damage.

Aging skin: more effective those who have used cosmetic laser treatments with sensitive skin. Loose, aging skin can be firmed through increased stimuli and a boost in collagen production.

Product Absorption: puncture marks caused by derma roller allow skin to better absorb skin care products which are deemed more effective resulting in enhance skin care.

How to Use a Derma Roller: Product & Procedure

Before beginning your skin care regime, be sure to have all the supplies you might need available for the most effective derma roller treatment. Here are the basics:

Skin cleanser: recommended anti-bacterial facial soap

Numbing cream for those with low tolerance for pain and sensitive skin.

Vitamin C serum: Vitamin C is among the best anti-aging, skin rejuvenating products available. When used in collaboration with derma roller treatment, the end result is a finer, smoother skin surface that appears to look younger in a matter of weeks. Follow up throughout the week with a routine Anti-bacterial facial cleansing soap.

Hyaluronic Acid: Helps rehydrate your skin

Coconut oil (optional): helps locks in moisture and provides additional oils.

There is also a recommended procedure in which you should incorporate derma rollers into your skin care treatment. By following such procedure you are able to see immediate results from your application.

1. Before use, wash skin thoroughly with good antibacterial cleanser. Rinsing well, dab skin dry with towel.

2. For those with sensitive skin or low pain tolerance, apply numbing cream with multiple applications and allow it to absorb fully into ideals areas of treatment. Once it has taken affect repeat step one again.

3. In criss-cross motion, take your derma roller over your intended treatment area. When you are ready to move on to a new location, lift and replace derma roller in near areas as opposed to dragging it across the skin.

4. When done with derma roller treatment, rinse your face once more with cleanser and pat dry. You then want to apply your Vitamin C serum to hydrate skin and coconut oil for the option of additional moisturizers.

How Frequently and How Long to Use a Derma Roller

Some derma roller merchandisers advise that it is acceptable to use a derma roller product as much as once or twice a week; however, this is not required for effective skin care. The skin does need time to heal between application processes, so it is really best to wait a minimum of 40 days depending upon the size of the needles used.

More importantly is the length of the application period; yet, there is no designated time limit on micro-needling as there are with chemical peels. The rate at which it takes you to complete an ideal area such as the cheekbones or chin is considered a complete application process and can be repeated numerous times in one treatment.

Cleaning Tips for Derma Rollers

- Clean derma roller before and after each use; sterilize in rubbing alcohol before each use.

- After use, carefully clean the derma roller with soapy water making sure to clean each needle; leave it to air dry.

- You may also sterilize with boiling water if your skin is sensitive to even sterilizing agents such as alcohol.

Side Effects of Using a Derma Roller

As intended this procedure consists of minimal discomfort and ease of use, even at home; however, it is important to note, it can also cause irritations such as rashes or allergic reactions. Skin may also be left dry and flaky which is why moisturizers such as coconut oil are good to have on hand.

Additional risks may include a slight bleeding and redness of the skin; if not, the application process is too gentle and may need more pressure applied. With in-home treatments, results greatly vary as you don’t know exactly how much pressure is too much or too little. Too rough and you risk damaging your skin, too soft and you don’t use the product to its full capabilities.