Making The Home of Your Dreams a Reality

Renovating can be hard work, but the end result is so satisfying as you’re able to create a property that truly feels like yours. The act of ripping everything out and replacing it with everything fresh and new can give you a fantastic fresh start, and allow you to live in the kind of home you’ve always dreamed about. But renovating shouldn’t be taken lightly, there’s a lot to think about. Here are a few things to consider to ensure your renovation runs as smoothly as possible.

Decide on The Style

The first thing to decide on is what overall look you want in your finished home. Glossy and modern, scandi and rustic or vintage glam?This isn’t just to do with decor and finishing touches, it will have a huge impact on some of the main features of your renovation. This includes the style of your windows and doors, the colour of your woodwork, flooring and countertops and any built in light fittings.

Plan Ahead

As your project develops and progresses, it’s likely you will have to be flexible on some parts of your plan. But having a good vision of how things will look beforehand is helpful, this will ensure that everything ties together nicely at the end. For example, all fixtures and fittings match and things like tiles, paint and wallpaper don’t go out of stock or get discontinued while you’re mid way through your project. If your renovation will include very specific things- for example certain types of materials then make sure you’re able to source them in advance rather than running into a road block further down the line.

Call In The Experts

While there’s likely to be some things you can do yourself when you’re renovating, for a quick and smooth process you’re much better off leaving it to the experts. You could call in a company like Georgian Custom Renovations to sort out everything, or put together team of different professionals yourself. While you should oversee everything and make sure the project is running how you want it to, leave the jobs themselves to those who know what they’re doing. You might see yourself as a bit of a property enthusiast, but architects, general contractors and speciality contractors will all have knowledge and experience in the field and will know exactly what will and won’t work.

Have a Generous Contingency Fund

Setting aside money to cover any unforeseeable expenses is absolutely crucial in the smooth running of your renovation. Renovating is unpredictable, even the most stable of houses can uncover problems when you start pulling up floors and ripping out walls. It could be a problem with the electrics or the plumbing. You might find beams or structural elements need moving or replacing- the kinds of things that you just can’t predict when you’re creating your renovation plans. Setting aside a generous contingency fund means that when problems arise (and it’s likely that you’ll come across at least one expense you hadn’t accounted for) the work can go ahead without slowing you down.