Are You Sure You Want To Buy This House?

When you’re looking to buy a new home, the excitement can be very intense. You’re about to make a massive change in your life, promising all kinds of new beginnings and experiences. While you’ll obviously be raring to move in, this kind of over-excitement can often do more harm than good. When you’re house hunting, it’s important to look out for certain warning signs of big problems. Here are a few to be aware of.

Shaky Foundations

First of all, issues in the foundation and structure. Problems in the structure and foundation of a home are among the most expensive to fix. If they’re neglected, they can also be extremely dangerous. You’re probably more concerned with where you’ll put this or that piece of furniture when you go to house viewings, but make a point to check out the foundation and structure. If the basement isn’t renovated, then it will be pretty easy to see any cracking in the walls. Little ones are usually nothing to be worried about, but a bold, gaping fissure is a different story. Another way of checking the foundations is by looking at all the door frames. If these are slightly slanted, or some of the doors are hard to close, then this could also be a red flag.

Unwanted Guests

Pest and insect infestations are another big thing you need to look out for. Falling in love with a property, putting your money down, and then slowly discovering that there’s a massive pest problem certainly isn’t a nice experience. If pests are left to it, especially wood-damaging bugs such as termites, they can cause thousands of dollars’ worth in repairs, not to mention what you’ll have to pay for pest control services. Cockroaches, carpenter ants and powder post beetles should all be at the top of your list of pests to look for. Look up some of the common signs of these bugs, and keep them in mind during the viewings. If you point it out, the seller will usually pay for a professional to check for an infestation.

Patches of Fresh Paint

It’s one of the most basic home selling tactics out there to give the home a fresh lick of paint. It makes the whole place feel fresh and new, and the use of different colours can give off certain moods and styles. However, if you walk around a show home and see lots of scattered, shoddily done paint, then this could be a sign that you should move on. A good realtor will never tell a seller to paint a single wall, or one little patch. This is usually a hasty and lazy attempt to cover up any damage done to the house somewhere in its past. Be sure to point these out and get to the bottom of them. If the damage isn’t too severe, then ask for a reduction. If it is, then look somewhere else.

Keep this list in mind when you’re doing your house hunting. Picking up on these red flags could save you a fortune!