Thinking About Home Ownership? Consider a Log Cabin as an Option Instead

If you are looking to buy a home, there are a lot of things to consider. While you are investing in a property, you are spending a lot of money each month. This is particularly true if you have a large mortgage. You might need to pay a large deposit up front too. So all of this can put a lot of people off buying. If you aren’t in a position to be able to pay such a large deposit or the monthly repayments, it can mean renting for longer. Then it makes it harder to save for those things. So it can be such a tricky situation. There are some other options for you, depending on where you live. You could consider a log cabin for a home, instead of a standard brick home. There are lots of good things about owning a log cabin, as well as a few negatives. This is the case with all homes, though. None of them are perfect. But if you are in a situation like I have described above, then have a read through. A log cabin just might be for you.

The Negatives About Owning a Log Cabin

Like when most people say ‘“do you want the good news first of the bad news first,” most people choose the bad news first. So let’s be honest and talk about the troubles of owning a log cabin. Then we can go into depth about the good things about ownership. First of all, you need to know that there are lots of bugs and critters that like to make homes in wood. Things like termites and woodworm like to get cozy in wood and make it their home. So that is something that you need constantly to think about. There are things you can put in place to deter it from happening, though. You just need to stay on top of it all and deal with any issues as and when they come up. Otherwise, you could get a few pests, and they would just ruin the quality of the logs.

Log cabins, on the surface, have little insulation. So in the summer months, they can get pretty hot. In winter, they can get pretty cold. So if you leave things as they are, that would be the situation. It isn’t the end of the world as you could get fans in summer and get heaters in winter. You could add some insulation yourself, but it wouldn’t be cheap. So it is just something to think about. If you are building a log cabin from scratch, then it might be better to build a half log cabin and half house. Then you know that it can be well insulated in one area of the home.

One other negative point is that the logs do shrink. They can shrink in cooler conditions, and it can be a good couple of inches. So when this happens, you do have to continue to seal and caulk in between the gaps. Again, this isn’t a terrible thing; it can just be a bit of a nuisance. You need to stay on top of it all, to make sure you keep the cabin as insulated as it can be. Somewhere like Mountain Home Building Products has all of the things you would need to keep up with the caulking and chinking. One other thing that you need to keep on top of is the stain and sealant of the wood. When a cabin is first built, it will have had sealant on the logs. After a few years, the sealant can wear off. You can’t just leave it to wear off, though. If you did, it would mean that it isn’t weather resistant, and the logs would be more likely to split and crack. So resealing needs to happen every few years. The sealant can be a little pricey. Overall, though, it would probably cost less than standard repairs you would have on a home. So just things to take into consideration when deciding what home to have.

The Good Things About Owning a Log Cabin

Now on to the most positive points of owning a home. One of the first points is that it is easier to get finance or a mortgage on a log home. So if you are in a situation where you are finding it hard to get on the property ladder, a log home could be a definite option. Wood and logs can be cheaper to buy than bricks for a home. So if you want a good quality home to live in, that isn’t over the top expensive, a log cabin could be a great option. Another positive point is just how beautiful the home would be. Log cabins are known for being romantic and cozy. So it is a definite talking point when inviting others round.

A log cabin can be a ‘green’ option for a home too. They are proven to be much more energy efficient than standard homes. If all the caulking is in place, so air can’t escape, they are around 20% more energy efficient than ‘regular’ homes. So that means cheaper bills on heating and electricity. That is a definite plus, right? Log walls are good for sound insulation too. So if you are you in the woods, or have neighbors, the chances are that you won’t hear them. So it is great for privacy and keeping cozy.

You can still have all the mod-cons that you would expect in any other home. You can get electricity and the internet so it can be just like a regular home. Quite often they are designed to be open plan, as internal walls can be a bit trickier to implement. A lot of people love open plan homes, though, so that could be a plus in a lot of people’s eyes. Just look into the costs and see if it will mean a cheaper option for you. Good luck with choosing a home!