How To Smarten Up The Exterior Of Your Home In 5 Easy Steps

When you move house or buy a new home, you tend to focus your time and effort on the interior. Unkempt lawns and chipped paintwork can often take a backseat. Is the exterior of your house looking a little tired? If so, here are five easy steps to smarten it up and create a beautiful looking home.

1. Tidy up the front garden
There’s nothing worse than coming home to the sight of knee-high grass and weeds in the front garden. Set aside an afternoon and grab those gardening gloves. Spray some weed killer and use a trowel to clear out your flower beds and planters. Wait for a dry day to mow the lawn, and don’t forget to trim the edges. Clear away any rubbish or broken patio flags. Repair or replace broken fencing and give external woodwork a coat of varnish.

2. Paint the front door
Your front door is one of the most noticeable features of the exterior of your home. If your door is dull or faded, you’ll be amazed at the different a lick of paint can make. Choose a shade that suits the style of the home. If you have a period property, for example, go for a country-style sage or pillar box red. If you have a modern home, black is a classic choice that won’t date. Always use outdoor paints for your front door. These products are designed to cope with exposure to the elements.

3. Replace garage doors
If you have old or damaged garage doors, now is the time to look around for replacements. There are lots of styles available, and you can match your doors to the character and design of your home. Solid wood doors are a popular choice for both modern and older homes. If you’re looking to increase privacy, you could also consider a garage gate. Search online and visit some showrooms for inspiration.

4. Inject some natural beauty Nothing will make your home look more welcoming and attractive than some plants and flowers. If you have a front garden, fill planters and flower beds with wildflowers or carefully manicured displays. If you don’t have a garden at the front of the house, add some window boxes. Potted trees are a fantastic addition to porches and patios.

5. Update tired-looking paintwork
If you have a white house, you’ll find that the environment takes it toll after a while. A new coat of paint will lift the exterior and create a much cleaner, fresher aesthetic. If you have a brick house, or your home has cladding, don’t forget to repair or refresh chipped or worn paintwork on door and window frames.

Everybody wants their home to have kerb appeal. Sometimes, we can get caught up in choosing wallpaper and furniture and forget about the exterior of our homes. The good news is that you don’t have to go crazy with designs or spend a lot of money to make a difference. Simple changes will help to ensure your home looks stunning on the inside and the outside.