Emulating Different Style Vibes From Around The World In Your Home

Are you searching for ways to make your home more stylish? Looking to insert some different vibes into the rooms in your home? From your home’s general layout to three popular rooms in each home, this guide can help! Let’s look at some different style influences from around the world, and how you can insert them into your own home.

An American Layout

If America does one thing fantastically, it’s the layout of their homes. Particularly homes in the South, they are all about family, socializing and space to enjoy life. So, they consist of features like wraparound porches, two or more levels and large windows. Take a look at some southern house plans for a clearer idea of the layout to be found inside. Once you’ve seen this, you can emulate this in how you set out your home. This goes for all rooms but put particular focus on the layout of rooms meant for socializing. So, your living room and kitchen in particular. On the topic of kitchens…

A Moroccan Kitchen

The Moroccans have got some serious style. An ideal place to insert this into your is in the kitchen. A lot of the Moroccan style comes from the rich color palette they work from. Think rustic browns, deep reds, rich blues and hints of yellow and orange. Painting a feature wall is a great way to insert this color, or you could use tiles. Accompany your color your scheme with some authentic Moroccan cooking and serving pieces. How about some silver teapots and trays, and a dramatic stack of spices?

A Greek Bathroom

It is true that many of us don’t make the most of our bathrooms. While they should be places of relaxation, they are more often places of rushing! Take some inspiration from the Greeks when it comes to doing up your bathroom. The Greek Islands like Mykonos and Santorini have houses predominantly of pure white. This is to reflect the hot sun and is often accompanied by stunning blue doors, shutters, and roofs. This is said to represent the bright blue sea that these islands are surrounded by. It actually used to be the law on some of these islands that houses were painted white! It makes for a stunning look today, and a fantastic color scheme to emulate in your bathroom. Go for white furnishings, like your bathtub and basin, but then compliment this with a similar shade of bright blue. You could even use authentic Greek tiles to do this, placing them on the walls around your bath or shower. Keep everything else calm and muted.

A Scandinavian Living Room

Heading somewhere often much colder for this bit of style inspiration. When it comes to your living room, how about emulating the vibes of Scandinavian living. There living spaces consist of far less color than, say, a Moroccan home would. Instead, they are all about their black, white and gray shades. This makes for a pared back look and an uber-sophisticated vibe.