Nature + Interior Design = Pure Bliss

With the stress of modern living, it seems like the smart thing to do is to make our homes as calming as possible. Well, did you know that the great outdoors can help improve your mood? This is why you should consider bringing the outdoors in with some nature-based interior design.

Here’s a quick guide to doing just that!

Eco-friendly furniture
Let’s say you have a home that looks like the perfect love letter to nature. Guests come round and they almost feel as if they’re in a strangely comfortable and well-designed forest of some sort. Everything looks great. But you’ve made a grave error! It soon transpires that the items you’ve purchased to decorate your home come from unsustainable sources. The companies who made them hate recycling and are causing mass environmental destruction! Suddenly, your aesthetic feels a little cheap.

One of the best ways of incorporating nature into your interior design is to focus your attention on eco-friendly items. This doesn’t just help nature itself. These items also tend to look the best among a natural aesthetic! Have a look for some eco-friendly furniture items at

Indoor plants
To be fair, this was probably the first thing you thought of when you thought about a nature-rich interior design. And for good reason, too! Indoor plants are hands-down one of best ways to achieve such an aesthetic in your home. But it’s not only people who want to achieve such an interior design who should consider indoor plants. They’re good in pretty much any home. Not only do the right ones look gorgeous, but they can help relieve stress, improve your mood, and clean your air.

But you can’t just get any house plant. There are a number of factors you need to consider. One is straight-up aesthetic. What will a particular plant look like against a given wall, or on a particular piece of furniture? Will the colors clash? And you should also consider the allergies of your regular guests. One thing you could consider are artificial plants, especially if you have pets at home. Find out more at

More natural light
A home with a gorgeous nature aesthetic isn’t much good if you can barely see anything! All the colors and details of your interior design should pop right out. One solution people tend to go for is stronger indoor lighting. But why go with artificial light when there’s so much natural light outside? Don’t buy more light bulbs. Bring some more of that natural light in! This, of course, is easier said than done. Many people would argue that the only way to do this, surely, is to install more windows into the property. Not exactly as easy task, is it? Well, it might actually be easier than you think, so consider it! See for more details.

You should also consider removing anything outside that is blocking the sunlight. The color schemes in your rooms will also make a big difference. White is obviously a good color to use. But don’t underestimate the power of warmer, deeper colors! Green and brown can work really well - as can black!