How To Create A Comfortable & Calming Bedroom

You should feel relaxed and comfortable in your home, especially in your bedroom. We spend more time in our bedroom than we realise. Besides being where we go to sleep, what does our bedroom need to keep us coming back for more?

1. Cosy Bedding

At the end of a long day, there is nothing better than getting into a freshly made bed with a cosy doona to snuggle up with. If you’re looking to upgrade your sheets invest in linen instead of cotton. Linen is textured enough to keep you cosy in winter and cool during the summer.

If you’re doona is looking a little flat, there are a range of doonas you can invest in. From duck feathers, wool, microfiber and even bamboo! Doonas are great for maintaining the perfect body temperature regardless of the weather.

When it comes to pillows there is a fine line between too many and not enough. You need at least 2-4 pillows for baseline cosiness. Throw in some fluffy pillows with different textures and shapes to really amp up the style factor.

For optimum cosiness add a foam or feather mattress topper to your mattress. This is especially great for those of us who have had their mattress for a while.

2. Calming Lighting

There is nothing more relaxing than natural light. However, bedside lamps are also a necessity. Investing in bedside lamps ensure you’ll never have to get up to turn off the overhead again.  

Hanging a string of fairy lights behind a sheet or thin curtain is great for create a calming environment. Instead of turning on the light, turn your fairy lights on to create a cosy wonderland atmosphere.

3. Fluffy Rugs

When it comes to rugs, you can never have enough. There is nothing worse than stepping out of bed onto a cold floor. Especially if you have floor boards so treat your feet to a warm cosy floor rug. Fuzzy sheepskin rugs are the ultimate way to keep your feet nice and warm.

4. A Calming Scent

Scent is a powerful tool that can affect how we feel. Try to avoid spraying strong scented perfumes in your bedroom because this can affect your sleeping habits. You want your bedroom to smell and feel fresh, so ensure you open the windows and doors to promote airflow. You can also keep some freshly cut flowers in your room for a fresh scent.

Candles are also a great way to create a comfortable and calming atmosphere. By burning a candle before bed, it can enhance your slumber. Different scents will contribute to our sleep, just remember to blow it out before you fall asleep!

5. A Spot To Work

If you like to work in your bedroom, you should keep work out of your bed. Set up a work station or desk where you can apply your makeup and complete work. It’s especially important to a have an ergonomic work station if you work from home.

By working in bed, you hinder your chances of having a restful night's sleep. Also remember to turn off all technology at least half an hour before going to sleep. Studies have shown that even our small electronic devices emit sufficient light to miscue the brain and promote wakefulness, That means no phones or computers in bed!

When all else fails create the ultimate warm and cosy bedroom with a cuddle buddy. Your pets are basically real life water bottles!