Creating The Perfect Sleeping Environment

Most of us are aware of the benefits of a good night’s sleep. If you regularly wake during the night, or you feel tired during the day, your bedroom could be to blame. If your room is more of a hovel than a haven, now is the time to unleash your creativity, and start planning a beautiful new bedroom.

Choosing colors

Color is really important for your bedroom. Ideally, this room should be your sanctuary, a place to retreat to after a busy day at work or a late night. Color has an influence on your mood and energy levels, and choosing the right shade can go a long way to creating a peaceful, calming space.

Color is a personal choice, and what one person loves, another may dislike. Cream is a very popular choice for bedrooms. It may seem boring, but it’s easy to add color and interest with accessories and patterns. Pastels are also an excellent option. Lilac and pink are perfect for creating a romantic atmosphere. Mint and duck egg blue are soothing colors, which encourage relaxation.

If you’re thinking about colors, have a look through some charts and browse magazines for ideas. Get some samples from your local DIY store, and try them out on a patch of your wall. You’ll often find that the colors look different to how they do on a chart or a label on the pot. Put some shades together and see which you prefer.

If you want to go for a bolder shade, keep some of the walls white, rather than painting all of them the same color. If you’re thinking of going for wallpaper and you want a daring pattern or print, paper one wall to create an eye-catching focal point.

Upgrading your mattress

Most of us are guilty of keeping our mattresses for too long, and this can affect sleep quality. If your mattress is old, or you find it uncomfortable, why not make 2016 the year you invest in a brand new bed? A high-quality mattress can make all the difference when it comes to getting enough sleep each night.

If you search for mattresses online, you’ll find hundreds of results. Equally, if you go to a showroom, you’ll be greeted with aisles of different beds, many of which look exactly the same. It can be confusing to try and choose the perfect mattress. If you don’t even know where to begin, it’s a good idea to do some research online or ask an assistant for advice. They can help you to decide which type and brand of mattress to go for. Understanding tempur mattresses and learning about materials will help you to make a decision. It’s also wise to try out some mattresses before you buy. Some people prefer a firmer bed while others would rather have some give. If you suffer from back pain, it’s particularly important to find the right mattress. Your bed should provide your neck and spine with support while you sleep.

Once you’ve replaced your old mattress, you may as well as push the boat out, and add some new pillows. Ideally, you should change your pillows every 12-24 months.

How many times have you been woken up by car alarms or streetlights? Are you frequently disturbed in the night by people talking outside, traffic noise or flashing lights? If so, it’s a good idea to take steps to block out light and noise. Invest in some blackout blinds or thick curtains. If you don’t already have double glazing, get some quotes. Although the initial investment may be significant, double glazing will save you money on heating bills and reduce noise. If you have heavy curtains and double glazing and noise is still a problem, consider using ear plugs.

Try and avoid filling your bedroom with gadgets and gizmos. Beeping and flashing can keep you up at night. If you’re checking emails or sending texts, this can also distract you when you’re trying to get to sleep. Leave laptops and tablets downstairs, and put your phone on silent.

If you dream of a creating a cozy, comfortable bedroom, invest in some soft furnishings. Cushions, blankets, and rugs can make even the dullest, coldest space look inviting. Use high-pile rugs to add warmth to a wooden floor, and pile the bed high with cushions. Place a throw or some blankets on the end of the bed. You can use your soft furnishings to add color, as well as coziness.

Lighting is another fantastic way of adding ambiance and making your bedroom a soothing, calm spot. Add a statement lamp to lift a relatively plain design. Or go for bedside lamps to finish off a look. Use dimmer switches or decorate the bed frame with fairy lights for a romantic feel. Scented candles are another excellent addition to the bedroom. Go for aromas, which make you feel relaxed, such as lavender or vanilla. If you’re worried about burning candles, you can use a room diffuser instead.

If your bedroom is drab and uninspiring, why not give it a spring makeover and create a stunning new haven? Use your creativity and inject your personal style. Look for inspiration to choose colors, accessories, and furniture. Put your ideas down on paper, and start planning a design for your peaceful retreat. Add personal touches and think about how your environment affects your sleep quality. Take steps to block out any light and reduce noise. Invest in a new bed and make it look even more appealing at the end of a busy day with sumptuous cushions and throws. Start planning now, and you’ll be reclining in comfort, and enjoying peace and tranquility in no time.

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