How to Give Your Daughter’s Bedroom a Girly Makeover

Girls of all ages love to have a pretty bedroom. It is a chance to show off to their friends, many of whom will be invited over for a sleepover. A bedroom is also their “own space”, a place where they can chill out and enjoy some time away from the rest of the family.

In days gone by, you were lucky if your parents let you stick posters up on the wall, let alone be set free with a tin of paint. These days, kids have far higher expectations of what a bedroom should look like, so plain white walls and a nylon carpet just won’t do. Instead, they expect something special (usually at your expense), so if you are planning to give your daughter’s bedroom a girly makeover, here are a few simple ideas to get you started.

Inspired Flooring
The right flooring sets off a room perfectly. Thick, plush carpet is always good for a bedroom, especially if you choose a white or pale carpet, but in a teenager’s bedroom, this could be a bad choice. Carpet does not bear up well when makeup is dropped on it or someone leaves a pair of hair hot irons on the floor. You would be better off fitting a pale laminate or even sanding and painting the floorboards white. This, combined with a soft rug or two, is a great look for a girly bedroom.

Shabby Chic Furniture
Shabby chic is perfect for a girly, romantic bedroom. Buy interesting pieces of furniture from eBay and give it a whole new lease of life with a coat of paint. You can use milk paint or chalk paint to revamp old furniture; both will give you a beautiful finish and are easy to use, with no nasty fumes. If you want to learn more about milk paint vs chalk paint, visit

Pastel Colors
Pastel colors are perfect for a girly, romantic bedroom. Pale creams, blues, pinks, greens and yellows can be mixed and matched, or you can select one or two pastel shades and use these as your main color scheme.

Soft Throws and Cushions
Pick up your pastel color scheme in the soft furnishings. Patchwork bedspreads, rag rugs and patterned throws, together with lots of scatter cushions, can be used to create the right look. Don’t be afraid of mixing and matching patterns. The more the merrier! As long as you stick to soft, pale shades, it will work really well.

Pretty Lighting
Lighting is very important, so try and avoid harsh overhead ceiling lights. Instead, go for accent lighting in the form of fairy lights around the bed, pretty bedside lamps and a work lamp for a desk. Candles look pretty too, but remind your daughter of the dangers of leaving a lit candle unattended, or all of your hard work will be undone in a heartbeat. You don’t need to spend a fortune creating a girly bedroom. Stick to pale colors and accessorize with cute cushions and throws. Your daughter will love it!