How To Create An Effectual Skin Care Regime

One of the great things about shopping for cosmetics is that you have aisle full of brands, different shapes, sizes, colors, properties, and what not. One of the awful things about shopping for cosmetics is that you have an aisle or two full of branded items, most of them popular boasting about the way they'll make you look. It's easy to get confused, lost and brilliant levels of marketing clouds your judgment.

Our concern for skin care makes us buy a number of creams, lotions and moisturizers. Though most of us don't even know the difference between these or the impact it makes on the skin. Creams lock the moisture on the skin thus giving it a smooth look. This is why it is usually advised to apply cream after bathing, as the moisture retention is better on damp skin. Creams of all kind are basically a mixture of oil and water. Different ratio of oil and water is what makes these products so different (aside from fragrance, supplements and preservatives).

It is not a common knowledge of how creams work or the measure of their performance. Many the industries do not use a very scientific method. When you apply the cream, it creates vibrations that are then detected by your brain. These vibrations are mainly caused by the friction created on the skin because of the cream rub. Cream's viscosity or thickness and rough manner of rub also accents the friction which in turn runs the whole show of creams. Whole science of creams comes down to decreasing the friction while increasing the smoothness. Now the thickness of creams depends on the oil water ratio. Skin doesn't absorb oil as quickly as it does water, though oil retains moisture better and longer. Creams with more oil content are thick, greasy and heavy but they protect the skin for longer time.

Creams are of four different categories: oil based, water based, oil free and water free. While deciding for a kind of cream one needs to factor in one's own skin type. Women have broadly five different types of skin: Dry, Oily, Mature, Sensitive and Combination.

Dry skin will profit from heavier, oil-based creams and oily skin will benefit from lighter, water-based creams. Oil-based creams work well for mature skin to preserve moisture. Sensitive skin reacts to most oil water combinations; they need a soothing agent like aloe with a water free cream. Normal skin is most likely to benefit from a light water based moisturizer.

For a beneficial skin care routine, one needs to least dependent on chemicals. Too many skin care products should not be used on the skin, same goes for makeup products. Selecting a skin care product becomes a lot easier if you know your skin type as well as what face oils will work best for you. For a healthier, smooth looking skin without using toxins or harsh chemicals, consider adding face oils to your skin care routine. Aroma therapy using face oils can have favourable impact. Some essential oils, like rose and neroli, have delightful aroma. They are known to lift the spirit and calm the soul.

Knowing your skin and its needs is most important in your skin care routine. So is picking out suitable skin care products. Eating right and staying healthy contributes to younger looking skin. Keep your skin radiant, glowing and healthy at all times.

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