Choosing the Right Style of Jeans for any Occasion

Obviously, the best pair of jeans is the pair that make you feel comfortable and look great, but if you have no idea where to start, or you want to try a different style to the usual pair that you buy, then the range of different styles can seem baffling at first glance. From boot-cut to boyfriend jeans and skinny to tapered, the range of choice means that you can find a pair of jeans for any occasion and to wear to any event.

Low rise and ultra-low rise jeans sit low on the hip, with the latter often considered too impractical for most purposes. These jeans are usually preferred by slim and petite women that would struggle to fill a fuller pair of jeans.

Boot-cut jeans are slim fitting around the thighs and waist, but are flared from the calf so that they can be worn comfortably over a pair of boots without excess material, and without having to tuck the jeans into the boots.

This is a popular cut, and similar to flared jeans, except flared jeans have a much wider flare at the bottom. Less popular than they were in the 1960s, these can still look great on a night out.

Tapered jeans are, in many respects, the opposite of boot-cut. They are loose fitting around the waist and tops of the legs, but taper inward to a skinny fit around the ankles.

Skinny fit jeans are tight from the waist to the calves, and are typically worn so that the jeans finish before the shoe starts. The ankle opening is only just big enough that the foot will fit, and while some women may find this style uncomfortable, other women swear by them.

Crop jeans, such as those available from MandM Direct, are shorter than standard jeans and they are ideal for wearing during the summer months because they are cooler. They can also be worn for evenings out.

Straight leg jeans are usually worn by more voluptuous women that do not want to add extra weight with extra material, but do not want to wear skinny jeans. Although they may have some shape, they offer a relaxed fit from the waist to the ankle.

Boyfriend jeans provide arguably the loosest and most comfortable fit. These are the most relaxed style of jeans available, and are designed to share the same style that your boyfriend’s jeans are likely to have. If you are looking for comfort, or you prefer a casual and relaxed look, then these are likely to be your preferred style of jeans.

featured image via christoph schaller