Is Breast Augmentation Right For You?

Physical appearance is very important to most women. They want to look their best virtually around the clock. No matter how much hard work and effort a woman may put into her physical fitness and her appearance she may never look exactly how she wants to look because of her body proportions. There are woman that are blessed with the genetics that provide them with near perfect proportions. They have great legs, a trim waist, a perfectly round and firm behind and ample breasts that are nice and perky. Other women are not fortunate enough to have all of these wonderful features because of genetics.

Some women have the perfect body with the exception of one area, their breasts. Many women love the way they look but their B-cup breasts are just too small in their mind. Other women may feel inadequate or invisible when they are out with a friend who is fortunate enough to have natural double D’s. Constantly being around women with larger breasts can cause self-esteem issues. Other women suffer self-esteem issues because they feel their body is lacking the proper breast size. Women unhappy with their current breast size look to breast augmentation.

Things to consider:
Before a woman runs to the surgeon to have their breasts enlarged, she needs to ask herself a lot of serious questions. A woman considering having a breast augmentation needs to be aware of all of the pros and cons associated with the procedure.

Pros of Breast Enlargement
• Self-Esteem – One of the biggest pros to getting the size of your breasts increased is that it can increase a woman’s self-esteem. A woman will feel happier in her own skin and not feel as if she is invisible when next to women with larger breasts.
• Safety – For the majority of most breast augmentation patients, the surgery is very safe.
• Assorted sizes – Breast implants come in numerous sizes to suit the individual’s needs which means that you will be able to choose the most appropriate breast size for your frame.
• Augmentation alternative – Fat transfer is an option for individuals wanting to transfer fat from one part of their body, such as inner thighs or hips, to the breasts. Safer option, although limited in size increase, to traditional implants.

Cons of Breast Enlargement
• Leaks – There is a chance that the contents of the saline or silicone implants can leak potentially causing medical issues. It is estimated that around 5% of all breast implants will have some form of rupture whether it is a small crack or a full scale rupture and the likelihood increases with the age of the implant, so this is something to e aware of and to discuss with your surgeon at your consultation.
• Capsular Contracture – A condition where scar tissue develops around the implant making the breast, and the implant hard. This can also cause malformation of the breast, which can result in the need for additional medical procedures to repair the breasts.

If you have made the decision that you want to increase the size of your breasts make sure you go into the procedure fully aware of all aspects to the procedure. You do not want to leave anything to chance when it comes to altering your overall appearance. As important as our appearance is, you what to be aware that the procedure that you are undergoing could result in medical problems, instead of the outcome you desire. Women who go into breast augmentation surgery well informed of all the risks and who verify that the doctor they are using is a true professional should come out of their surgery healthy with the breasts that they desire and no negative side effects.