How Can You Properly Take Care Of Jade Jewelry?

Jade jewelry is beautiful and you will surely appreciate the different items that are currently available on the market. The problem is that taking care of jade is not as easy as you may think. It is a necessity since you want to be sure that jade is always clear. Cleaning gemstones is quite straightforward but there are many that do not actually know how to do this. Whether you buy DIY jewelry from stores like Trollbeads or you buy something from brick and mortar stores, if it includes jade, you want to know a few things about the cleaning process.

Properly Cleaning Jade
The most important thing is to always use just water. Cleaning solutions that combine water and mild soap is not a bad idea since it can help. However, you should never use jewelry cleaners or detergents that are found in your home since they do include harsh chemicals. These chemicals will practically ruin jade. We are sure you do not want to see that happen. Use soft cloths and cotton pads to wipe your gemstone. Do this carefully and in a fully gentle way so that surfaces are not scratched. It is important to not soak jade in water. The cotton swab is highly useful in reaching those hard to reach areas that sometimes appear in jade jewelry. Towels can be used at the end to dry gemstones.

Avoid This
Never use steam cleaners to clean jade jewelry. Way too many do this as they think the process is fast but at the end of the day the jade will be damaged. There are some ultrasonic jewelry cleaners that are sold at the moment. These also have to be avoided at all costs. Avoiding harsh chemicals and even alcohol is a necessity as the substances would cause a lot of harm.

Wear Jade Properly
You have to be careful even when you wear jade jewelry, not just when cleaning it. The stone should never be hit as it is delicate. That can easily lead towards cracks or chips. Tap water and pool water are known to damage jade. This is because of the chlorine addition. Always remove the jade pieces before you go swimming or you jump into your shower. Also, make sure that you avoid contact with hair spray, makeup or perfumes.

Jade Jewelry Storage
Remember that the harder gemstones can scratch jade. Because of this, we recommend that you store such jewellery in another container. Jewelry boxes with many compartments are always recommended. In the event that you have no choice, do wrap your jade items with soft cloths or pouches. That is something that can keep them properly protected.

Jade jewelry is preferred by so many women and its beauty is definitely something you may appreciate. However, proper maintenance is always a necessity if you want to be able to enjoy the beauty of jade for years to come. Always follow all the tips that were mentioned above. As you saw, even properly wearing jade is a necessity with this delicate gemstone.