Top Residential Upgrades to Boost Property Value

There are a variety of simple changes you can make to your home to drive up its price. Some changes may be cosmetic in nature, they nevertheless enhance the look and feel of the property. Property finder Zipmatch confirms that home buyers are keen on the professional look of the photos in the listings as well as on recent upgrades to increase the value of the property for sale. For some helpful value added ideas, check out these top home improvement projects:

1. A lick of paint
The simplest and cheapest way to improve the value of your home is to work the paint brush and reinvigorate the walls with a fresh layer of paint. Optimistic yellow is ideal for this; while dark blue brings out sophistication to a space.

2. Improved Storage
Adding more storage will help greatly. When a potential buyer is taken through your home, they will often be on the lookout for storage space. Being able to show plenty of storage locations around the house will give a greater sense of livability.

3. Spruced-up kitchen
The kitchen is often the focal point of a home, so upgrading old appliances, fitting new cabinets or replacing countertops will help towards increasing value.

4. Clean floors
Cleaning or replacing the carpets will make your home look fresher and more comfortable. If only certain areas of your floor are worn away, strategically- placed rugs will do the trick and add variety and customization. 5. Pristine bathroom

Another important area of the home is the bathroom. Over the years, its appearance can degrade if not taken care of properly. A thorough cleanup is the minimum work to be completed here, but any little replacements will help, such as new toilet seats, taps and shower heads. 6. Desirable garage space

A usable, clean garage will add a great deal of space and function to your home, making it more desirable to customers and other property listings. Taking the time to ensure shelving and the availability of other storage solutions will help show off this area's potential. The floor space should also be clear of boxes and other debris. 7. Inviting front garden

The outside of your home is the first thing a potential buyer or estate agent will see, so make a good first impression by cleaning up the garden, trimming bushes, mowing and removing weeds. Clean windows and nice details, such as hanging baskets, will also bring your home to life.

8. Impressive roof
Clean your roof of moss and remove leaves from the gutter. A pristine roof free from these eyesores will help show off your home to its full potential. If you have a roof that is over 15 years old, have a roofer check for signs of damage that may put off buyers. You should look into repairing or replacing your roof from Feller Roofing.

9. Flowing deck
New decking will create flow from the inside of your home to the outside, offering a more enjoyable environment for summer barbecues and gardening. The seamless transition here will impress buyers and give the illusion of more space.

10. Effective lighting
Spruce up the lighting in your home to make for a more exciting and interesting atmosphere. Rather than recessed fixtures, a hanging feature such as a chandelier, will provide an effective focal point in the room, driving up its value.

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