5 Hot Weather Fashion Tips to Keep You Cool This Summer

A reasonable person doesn't need to be told to avoid wearing warm clothes in the summer, as their body's natural reaction is to shy away from extra layers that will only serve to produce sweat and discomfort on a hot day. Still, sometimes getting rid of the coats, sweaters, jackets, and over-shirts means making a wardrobe change that will leave you feeling less stylish and more bare. Thin, lightweight materials and minimalistic outfits can do a lot to help you achieve a nice balance between style and comfort. At the same time, dressing too scantily can be seen as distasteful or tacky in some circles, so when there's a need to stay fully covered while staying cool, going for the skin-showing bikini and a skirt look might not be a good idea. With that said, below we will provide five hot weather fashion tips that will keep you feeling breezy and refreshed on even the hottest summer days.

1. Go for Roomy, Lightweight, Breezy, and Sleeveless
When the heat is on and a cool breeze feels as refreshing as a glass of iced lemonade, taking advantage of every draft is the best way to keep yourself from over-sweating. Go for tops that are roomy and breezy, like off-the-body croc tops, sleeveless silk button-downs, and tunics. Combining one of these tops with a micro bottom or wearing a smooth and roomy one-piece skirt dress can work wonders in keeping you cool and comfortable. Such loose-fitting, lightweight options are also ideal because they're easy to throw layers on top of when temperatures drop at night, or when you return to the comfort of home air conditioning.

2. Use Floral Patterns to Disguise Sweat Stains Sometimes all the breeze in the world won't stop you from sweating profusely on a particular muggy or active day. When the sweat starts dripping there's not much you can do to keep it from ruining your outfit with unsightly sweat stains, which is why choosing the right design pattern matters. Fortunately, it's possible to effectively hide sweat marks behind floral patterns and other printed designs that incorporate a distracting collage of smaller features. Of course, items with darker backgrounds will disguise sweat better than their lighter counterparts, and silky materials do a better job of preventing the sweat-soaked look as well.

3. Wear Well-Ventilated Dresses
A well-ventilated dress that blows freely in the wind can really help you feel the full effect of the breeze on your skin, thereby aiding in your body's natural cooling mechanisms to reduce sweating. Backless dresses, swing dresses, and other summer-oriented dresses that show a little skin on the stomach or side are favorites in tropical climates because they maximize airflow to some of the more problematic areas that tend to overheat, like the stomach and lower back.

4. Avoid Jeans and Regular T-Shirts
Most denim jeans are too thick to provide adequate ventilation on a hot day, and aside from their lack of breathability, jeans can also be very irritating on the inner thighs and waist line when the temps are high, especially during and after moderate activity like a long walk. Likewise, standard t-shirts are known for becoming sweat soaked within an hour in the hot sun. So, unless you're going for that sweat-drenched look that says “I'm uncomfortable,” avoid regular t-shirts and denim jeans.

5. Don't Forget the Quick Fix Accessories
Sometimes the best outfit in the world can't stop a bit of perspiration and a few hot weather wardrobe malfunctions. For these situations, be sure to carry along some much-needed style and hygiene accessories like a stick of deodorant, chap stick, a sun hat, sunglasses, body spray, and maybe even a few facial spritzes and body wipes. It's also a good idea to bring along a change of sandals and flip-fops in case your primary shoes start getting sweaty, or go with breathable insoles from the start to keep yourself from having to change your shoes midday. Style Can't Replace Water In closing, we should emphasize the fact that no amount of breezy clothing can make up for a lack of hydration. Thus, be sure to carry a bag of water bottles and a spray bottle for your hot day excursions. How will this affect your clothing, you may ask? By drinking more water you'll keep your body from overheating prematurely, which can help cut down on sweating and make your sweat more efficient at cooling.