Drop a Dress Size Quickly & Healthily

Are you eager to look good for the summer or an upcoming event? Whether you want to turn heads at a graduation party or look stunning for an anniversary event, there’s never a bad reason to want to look good and feel better. Once you start taking care of yourself internally it will show physically. In this article, we’ll discuss some fast weight loss strategies that will help you drop a dress size quickly, but still in a healthy manner that doesn’t starve yourself.

First, remember the essentials of weight loss
• You must burn more calories than you take in
• You must reduce calorie intake, while increasing your physical daily exercise
• Carbs, sweets and snacks are empty carbs and have no nutritional value
• Stick to lean meats, vegetables and some fruits as often as possible
• Exercise in intervals of 30-60 minutes a day, for at least five times a week
• It is most important to change your habits, or else nothing will change. Habits are what brought you to the size you are now. Only by drastically changing your life habit will you be able to change your present state and dress size

Over at Express magazine, author Fiona Kurk suggests that speedy weight loss requires tending to your hunger, not ignoring it. She suggests eating three meals a day, and not skipping lunch, since this typical lifestyle only increases cravings. Reduce the amount of food you eat and eat more often. She also suggests limiting carbs to only four days a week, so as not to feel the full effects of their empty calories—which lead to more hunger even after you’ve eaten.

Pete Cerqua, of “The 90-Second Fitness Solution”, says that exercising a move just “once”, but doing a variety of moves is a good way to get passed too many sets and reps that can demotivate you. Just stretch the movements out for 90 seconds each. Another option is the 21 Day Fix strategy from Crucial Superstar, which offers further routines.

Most importantly, choose an exercise that you LOVE. Willing to exercise and loving to exercise is the difference between losing and winning. Instead of doing a routine you hate try mixing it up and doing something you enjoy, like:
• Walking or hiking
• Stair climbing while listening to music
• Swimming
• Skipping rope
• Riding a bike
• Working along with a video and dancing
• Workout video games like Wii or Xbox Kinect When it comes to dieting, do NOT starve yourself. Do not give up the things you love. Instead, control the portions of what you love, while eating more vegetables and whole grains, which are more filling and contain less calories overall.

Beware of
• Alcohol
• Anything baked or sugary
• Salty snacks
• Cheese, milk or dairy, in general, have high calories and fat
• Juices (juicing is fine, but remember that fruit does contain high sugar so be sure to check the total calories of the smoothie before you make a habit of drinking it all the time)

As you can see, you can drop a dress size in a hurry. It just takes effort, determination, and a strategic approach. You can look good for the summer, for a graduation party, and even for the rest of your life, as you continue applying this advice and keeping the weight off!